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Dog House Designs to Make Your Furry Friend Feel At Home

Don’t you just look forward to heading home and curling on your couch at the end of a long day? Well, you’re not alone! Your pet dog longs for the same calling and comfort from his dog house. We often have newbie dog owners ask, “Is it OK to leave or dog outside all night?” Well, to you we say, hell yes! Unless you have a true blue house dog like a chihuahua, your dog does need his own outside space. So if you’re bringing home a canine, make sure you choose a dog house that matches his size, personality and habits, while also keeping my in mind external factors such as the weather.

While dog houses are your dog’s haven, they’re also practically viable dog accessories to buy as they make it easier to house train your dog. They’re also much easier than fencing your backyard to ensure your furry friends safety. And let’s face it,  they’re a great boon for when you’re traveling and don’t really have friendly neighbours who can take him in. So, let’s get started on your quest for the ideal dog house by checking out our collection of functional and fun dog house designs! PS: They’re well within your budget too!

Standard A-Shaped Dog House

You can’t go wrong with this conventional dog house design. It is designed to suit almost all dog breeds, especially ones that spend most of their time outdoors. Just opt for one with a small oval window so you furry friend has some ventilation while he lounges inside. If you live in a tropical region with lots of rainfall, this design will be most feasible as it avoids water stagnation and trickles off water with a slanted surface. While there may be some unutilised height due to the slant roof, this dog house design scores full points on all parameters! It is no wonder that this is one of the most preferred kennels for canines in every part of the world! You can go with this design without a worry and trust that you dog will fall in love with his new home!

Box-Shaped Dog House With Porch

Does your doggo enjoy lounging in the sun or gazing around the yard while resting? This cosy little dog house with an extended porch is a great idea for the dreamer doggy! This kind of design has many advantages. Firstly, it’s great for summer when your dog can lounge on the porch with some much-needed shade. Secondly, it allows your dog to be part of family time in the backyard. While you lounge around and spend time together, a porch let’s him be part of the family while still being private in his castle. Thirdly, it is your dog’s own little space outside of his sleeping area where he can relax. A great way to sectionalise the inside and the outside of his kennel is to see up a medium-sized dog bed inside, and leave the outside porch area for lounging, nibbling or gazing. That way, your dog will also know where to head depending on what he’s in the mood for. Lastly, if you’re dog breed is a guard dog, it is in their nature to stay on vigil and look around. The porch in dog house gives them the space to do exactly that.

There are many reasons why this dog house design is our favourite. If you’ve got a German Shepherd, a Doberman or any guard dog, we would definitely recommend this kind of large dog house. With a porch.

Dog House With Rooftop

This unique dog house is a big hit if you have a little enthusiastic tyke who is all over the place. Keep him busy climbing, jumping and going in circles as a good way to dispense his energy. If you enjoy play time with your dog, this kind of dog house throws open a lot of fun activities for the both of you.

If you’re inclined to feed your dog his meals in his kennel, Surely, you don’t want to mess the interiors of his house. The roof area also doubles up as a meal spot. On the flip side, you can also train your dog to attend to nature’s call in this spot. That way, you know just where to clean up every day after he’s done his job, saving yourself the trouble of looking around the bushes! There are quite a few uses of this extra space with a rooftop dog house – use it anyway that suits you and your doggo!

Mobile Dog House

A compact mobile dog house is a great idea if you constantly shift houses or cities. Also, many a times, even an outdoor dog may require to be close to you in the nights, especially if they’re unwell or if she’s a bitch who has recently delivered a litter. So, if your dog is hitting mating season or is getting old with multiple health issues, consider a dog house design you can easily move indoors should the need arise. These dog houses are also feasible if you travel a lot and leave you doggo with a friend. Don’t let your dog face withdrawal symptoms from his/ her abode because of your travel. Just invest in a portable bed that you can tug away to a friend’s place easily. In such cases, a compact portable dog house works out to be a great option for your nomadic lifestyle.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal dog house design for your new best friend, do keep a few considerations in mind. Always have some water source ready for your dog in the kennel, he gets thirsty just like you do. Check his kennel for termites, pests, leaks or other hazards every now and then. And lastly, step out there and spend as much time with him as you can! All your little furry friend needs is your attention and love, human!