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15 Travel Hacks That’ll Save You From Stressing

Going abroad, or even just travelling in your home country, can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Leaving behind something crucial, forgetting your passport, not having the right tickets, running out of petrol and travel snacks… there’s a myriad of things that can go wrong, and they’re all equally scary to think about.

With a little help from Compare&Choose, we’ve put together this list of 15 travel hacks that’ll save you from stress, no matter where you’re headed.\

1.Always pack an empty bottle

Water from the airport is guaranteed to be pricey, and the shops nearby will likely just barely beat that price. Bringing your own bottle, though, lets you fill it up with ease. Whether it’s at your hotel, a local friend’s house or the airport bathroom, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to top it up. Just don’t fill it up on the plane itself.

2.Mark your baggage as fragile, regardless of what’s in it

Some airport employees, taxi drivers and other transport industry workers can be a bit rough with bags, so mark them as fragile if possible. Not only will this force them to be a bit more careful, but it’ll give you a bit more legal power if they actually do break something.

3.Mark everybody’s bag as fragile for larger groups

Due to how baggage processing works, fragile bags will almost always be checked and unloaded together. This helps keep the whole family’s luggage together and cuts down the amount of time you’d need to wait.

4.Add some waterproofing

A bin liner or canvas bag can be used to create a waterproof “shell” inside a suitcase or backpack, helping it resist the rain and keeping your possessions dry.

5.Stay further away from the attractions you want to visit

Staying right next door to a major attraction can be an amazing experience, but it’s also expensive. Plus, costs aside, it’ll usually mean that you’ve seen everything in the first day or two. If you stay a little further away, you’ll get to see the lesser-known restaurants and points of interest that many tourists will simply never see.

6.Practice your preparation skills

The day of a flight or boat ride is hectic, and you’ll be running all over to make sure that you’ve packed everything you need. No matter how fast or thorough you think you are, it’s good to get some practice in the weeks leading up to the trip.

7.Back up your documents

Losing a passport or driving license in another country can be a serious concern for some people, so don’t hesitate to scan the documents and email them to your mobile devices for future use. Even if they aren’t legally the same document, they can prove your identity.

8.Photograph the car park

If you’re leaving your car overseas or in another country, make sure to take a photograph of where it’s parked (which will usually be in an airport car part with numbered bays). You’ll be able to locate your car much faster when you get back.

9.Check with the credit card company

Always let your bank or credit card company know that you’re going abroad – if you’re somewhere you normally aren’t, especially if you’re racking up high foreign transaction fees, they might freeze your account until they can verify what’s happening.

10.Add something to identify your bag with

A bright ribbon, big badge or sewn-on patch can make your bag stand out in the baggage claim area, and can stop you from taking the wrong bag by accident.

11.Always take at least one selfie on each device

You’ll probably not get your phone or camera stolen if you’re smart, but if you do, it helps to have a few selfies scattered around on each. That way, you can prove they’re yours.

12.Bring something that can hold rubbish

Long car trips involve snacks, and snacks usually produce a lot of rubbish. Have a sealable container that you can use to hold it all, preferably one that’ll keep most of the smell inside.

13.Bring a translation app

A phrasebook and basic knowledge of a foreign language can usually serve you well, especially when you’re in a tourist spot that’ll have a lot of English-speaking locals. However, a translation app can get you out of situations that you never expected to be in, and many can translate signs or menus.

14.Bring a spare pillowcase

Pillows are bulky and hard to fit into a suitcase, but they’re also incredibly useful to have around on your travels. Instead, bring an empty pillowcase that you can fill with your own clothes.

15.Look up the company’s planes / boats / coaches before you book

Comfort is a huge part of any journey, so it helps to know what to expect. Not all planes will have the same legroom, and some boats will have smaller cabins than others – get an idea of what you’ll be travelling in and factor it into your final decision.