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5 Common Questions That Patients Ask Their Dentists

Dental professionals do more than take care of teeth. They are also expert sources of information about all things related to dental care and hygiene. This means that you can ask your dentist about everything from cavities to dental implants to dental veneers, and get facts that you can depend on. Here are some examples of questions that dentists regularly answer for their patients. 

What Should I Be Doing to Take Care of My Teeth?

People don’t always know what they can do every day to keep their teeth in good condition. At times, they know a little, but it needs to be expanded. A dentist can sit down with a patient and outline a regimen for daily dental care that will make a difference.

The dentist is likely to recommend brushing the teeth after each meal. Mouthwash should be used at least daily. Flossing daily is fine too, but at least do it three times a week. Depending on the patient’s current state of health, there may be a few other things added to the list. 

Does My Choice of a Toothbrush and Toothpaste Really Matter?

With so many options for toothpaste and toothbrushes on the market today, it’s easy to get the idea that there’s no real difference in any of those products. In fact, there are certain qualities that you want in a toothpaste. The same goes for a toothbrush. 

While your dentist may or may not recommend specific brands, you will get advice on what to look for with both of these resources. This will include only selecting toothpaste products containing ingredients that protect as well as clean the teeth. Your dentist will also make recommendations about the type of bristles the right toothbrush will possess. 

How Often Do I Need a Dental Examination?

There are those who think that seeing a dentist when there’s no apparent problem is a waste of time and money. The fact is that your dentist is likely to recommend annual checkups. If you have certain types of chronic ailments that can affect teeth and gum health, the recommendation may call for two or more checkups per year. 

The goal of a checkup is to determine if any changes have taken place since the last exam. If so, steps can be taken to deal with the condition before it has a chance to get worse. That will actually save time and money later, in addition to protecting your dental health. 

Are Two Cleanings a Year Too Much?

Cleanings should be part of the plan for ongoing dental care especially after a Dental Implant Procedure. Even with the best efforts at home, there can still be some residue left between teeth, along the gum line, and elsewhere. Your dentist will likely recommend cleanings once a year at a minimum, while stating that two per year is not too much.

Cleanings are great for getting rid of residue that might pave the way for future dental issues. At the same time, a cleaning is another chance to look in the mouth and see if something has developed since the last exam. See it as one more way to protect your dental health along with enjoying the fresh and clean sensation that cleanings provide. 

What If I Need Emergency Dental Care?

Not all dental issues arise during typical office hours. It makes sense that you would want to know what must be done if you have some sort of major problem at night or on a weekend. You can bet that your dental professional has a plan already in place. 

It’s not unusual for a Westfield emergency dentist to have a special phone number set aside for dental emergencies. There is also likely to be a procedure in place, including instructions that you can follow. All the planning is done so that you don’t have to wait for care any longer than absolutely necessary. 

Do you have a question for the dentist? Call today and feel free to ask about anything related to dental care. You can bet that what you learn can be put to good use.