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Dress to Impress: Best First Date Outfits

Choosing what to wear on a first date may sometimes be quite a difficult task for guys. So, when it comes to impressing a woman on a first date, it is very complicated to figure out what outfit to go for. There are two main mistakes you can possibly make; one of them is not dressing up enough, and the other is simply overdressing.

So what’s the consensus? Try to keep it smart casual. And don’t forget to add a splash of not-overpowering cologne, and you’re finally on your way.

Backing you all the way, the writing teams of the best Russian women dating site and compiled some key pieces and the most essential tips for what to choose to wear when on your first date.

1. Don’t suit-&-tie it

Yeah, we all know that men look sharp in suits. However, a suit and tie — in particular, if it’s an office type of shirt-and-tie combo – might actually feel stuffy giving the impression like you’ve just come from your workplace instead of taking the time to get ready for the date. Ultimately, the goal on your date night is to feel at leisure or at least seem like you are having fun.
In this way, if your romantic date takes place at a fancy restaurant, look for separate pieces — a stylish blazer and tailored trousers. After all, a date is a little bit different kind of business.

2. Shirt

A man able to cut a sharp silhouette in a classic button-down shirt is definitely one the simplest but essential fashion items. And he’s certainly worthy of a second date!
Ensure it’s a slim fit (but not skinny) shirt, sitting right on the shoulders and draping freely down towards the hips. The second rule: it has to be cotton and breathable enough to limit that nervous sweating.

In addition, the button down shirt solves the eternal dilemma of not dressing up enough. Just tuck it in, ending the look with a genuine leather belt — clean and simple. After all, a crisp, white cotton shirt is a real must. For an extra layer, consider adding a plain sweater. Remember: light tones for daytime, dark shades for a night date.

3. Bottoms

The next item in your first date perfect outfit puzzle? Definitely a nice pair of jeans or chinos. Opt for regular denim jeans, but having a trouser fit. Go for a straight cut. A cropped ankled is a modern look or roll the cuff if you want to, which gives a fine color contrast if it’s dark denim with a white interface.

Light wash jeans is a fresh shade for summertime and daytime romantic dates. Pair whatever denim color you prefer with a solid cotton shirt – either tee or long sleeve. Roll the sleeves. Sprezzy – yes, done just right.

4. Nice shoes to seal the deal

This point may actually depend on where your first date is. Either a clean solid white sneaker or a smooth Chelsea boot.

A sneaker dresses down the formalities, separating a shirt-and-trouser combination, while classic leather dress shoe will lift the leisurely character of a jean, tee, and sweater outfit.
Follow the aesthetic — match your trousers to your footwear — and then go for comfort. Avoid breaking in your fresh leather shoes on the first date. Limping is not really attractive.

5. A light touch of cologne

You surely want to be remembered for the good reasons, right? When it comes to wearing a fine cologne, don’t be the dude who bathes in something like Aqua Di Gio before going on a date and then wonders why he’s never to hear back from the girl. Opt for a modern, suitable, and unique scent to create genuine interest without assaulting her nose.