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5 Unique Gifts For Travelers

What to gift a travel addict

Gifting experiences instead of possessions are fast taking over as the number one gift choice for people who love to travel. Of course, some travelers and adventures will always need their material comforts on the road, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of five unique and cool gifts that we think every traveler would love to have.

Tinggly Gift Experiences

Tinggly is the long-awaited evolution in gift-giving. People, especially travelers, are changing their point of view when it comes to the most awesome gifts they would like to receive. It’s now becoming accepted that the best gift you can give to someone with a love for travel or adventure is the gift of new experiences. And that’s exactly what Tinggly does. With over 2,000 hand-selected unique experiences in over 100 countries worldwide, Tinggly experience gift vouchers are the ultimate gift to put in any travelers backpack. Give stories, not stuff.

Portable Speaker

It’s pretty simple, some people, even those who like to travel light, just can’t do with their music, no matter where they are. For these music-loving nomads, a portable speaker is a must-have travel accessory. That’s why a portable Bluetooth speaker is always a priority on their packing list. There was a time when sound quality was a big issue, those days are gone. Portable speakers for travelers now come with great sound, extended battery life, voice control, and are usually waterproof. Also, now available in a wide range of prices there’s something for every pocket.


Just in case you don’t know, an E-reader is any one of a host of electronic devices designed for reading digital publications on the go. If the traveler in your life can’t go without their fix of literature, knowledge or news, an E-reader is a perfect gift. However, there are as many E-readers on the market as there are sightseers in Machu Pichu, so be prepared to do your homework. E-readers can be a virtual library at your fingertips, ideal for whiling away gloomy hostel days trapped by monsoons, or long train journeys across continents.

Money Belt

Every traveler needs a money belt. However, time was when money belts were a simple device worn under your clothes to protect your valuables, but all of that has changed. Money belts, along with containing your valuables, now come with RFID technology to prevent credit cards from being scanned remotely and their details being stolen. Plus, money belts now come as neck pouches, leg straps, and with features such as slash-proof straps, and airport friendly versions that won’t set off alarms.

Scratch-off World Map

Travelers love to keep a record of the places they’ve visited. A scratch-off world map makes that process simple as well as being a real visual treat and a favorite gift for world travelers. Scratch-off world maps come in a pretty wide variety of styles, materials, accessories included, sizes, price ranges, and other features, giving the giver plenty of choices. World nomads will love scratching off the countries they’ve covered along with helping them to plan their next trips visually.

Choose wisely

Whether you decide to choose a gift experience or a physical entity be sure to choose with the recipient in mind. When it comes to gift buying it’s easy to choose what we might like for ourselves, but that’s not the point. Try to think about practicality, space constraints – backpacks can be small places, what the gift will really offer, and how it will enhance the person’s whole travel experience. Try to put yourself in the traveler’s shoes and choose accordingly.