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Is the Front of Your House a Disaster? 4 Instant Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

What your house looks like on the outside isn’t as controllable as the inside. Or is it? Here’s how to make the front of your house reflect your style.

When it comes to perfecting your home, interior design is often the first place people tend to go. While rearranging the furniture and replacing the curtains is a great way to improve your living space, it does little to improve curb appeal.

The front of your house is the first impression outsiders will have of your home. If your exterior isn’t up to scratch, no amount of interior design will be able to erase those bad impressions. More importantly, the outside of your home is a strong visual identifier of your taste and lifestyle, so it should never be neglected.

Fortunately, fixing up the front can be done simply, cheaply and quickly, with the right knowledge. Here are some top curb appeal ideas to improve the front of your home.

It’s All About the Door

The front door of your home is the focal point of the building. It’s where visitors’ eyes will immediately be drawn, as well as being the main point of entry. A tired front door can ruin the look of your home, so getting it right should be your first priority.

First off give it a fresh coat of paint, preferably in a vibrant, bright color such as blue, red or green. Matte and pastel finishes are particularly popular right now. Top it off with some memorable fixtures such as ornate knockers, brass letterboxes or a small windowpane. Do your research and read more about all the quality upgrades you can give your front door beforehand.

Attention to the Little Details is Key

The overall look of a home is the sum of its part. Examine your exterior in detail for the little things that need changing. If you have fixtures that are outdated or worn, replace them. Crack, holes and faded paintwork should be patched up immediately.

After this, you can focus on adding tasteful details that will leave a strong impression, such as patterned paint details, or a welcome light.

Get Some Green Fingers

It’s no secret that good gardening will increase the value of your home. The space in front of your property is a prime real estate, so use it to maximize curb appeal. A low spread of tasteful, colorful flora such as roses, hydrangeas or peonies will added tons of vibrancy to your home.

Other plant-based curb appeal ideas include exotic potted plants such as palm trees or even better, highly-landscaped, shaped miniature trees.

A Lick of Paint on the Front of Your House Goes a Long Way

Even if you’re satisfied with the color of your home, a fresh coat of paint will make your house appear newer, cleaner and more inviting. Real estate experts reckon that off-white, light blue and yellow are the best colors to choose for those looking to sell.

If you’re staying put, opt for a color that represents your tastes and overall aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Learn More

To learn more about the latest design tips and trends, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries you might have. Your home is your castle and should be fit for royalty.