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The Insights of Construction Propping Equipment

Construction propping is also known as scaffolding steel poles. These are used in supporting the construction site as a support element. The shape and sizes of the propping differ with type of construction and also on the materials used. The propping equipment are of paramount importance for the construction sites as they give the required support necessary for the building that is being constructed. The support through propping is taken care by the construction company only and they do it usually by propping equipment hire from a reputable firm or shop.

What Are The Different Types Of Construction Propping?

The construction propping materials differ in their size and structure as per the needs of the projects. In general the construction propping material can be divided into:

  • Tilt Prop: these are mainly used for walls that are pre-cast with cement
  • Acrow Pop: This is used to support the load of medium weights
  • Titan Prop: These are heavy load bearing props, as they are made of aluminum. This makes them lightweight and easy to carry but also makes them strong.
  • Mono Prop: These are used as a backup to lift heavy loads.
  • Trishore Prop: Same as the Mono props, these are also used as backup for heavy loads.

What Are The Propping Equipment Uses?

The main use of the propping equipment is for support for the construction sites. But that does not confine the propping equipment to heavy or big construction sites only. In Fact it is also used in small projects or areas, even for some simple renovation activities. This is also used in making platforms and decks by giving support and also making the area safe and secure.

What Are The Construction Propping Size?

The size of the construction propping totally depends upon the need of the construction. The size also depends upon the weight and height of the site where it would be giving support. Many companies which rent the construction propping equipment give it in three sizes. The project engineer analyses the construction site and then decides on the size and number of propping equipment needed.

How Are The Propping Equipment Installed?

This is the most important and crucial step in insights to construction propping. Though it is a very easy installation, the main matter of concern is the placement of the propping equipment. First the correct place where these are needed are to be identified. Then the adjustment and correct positioning of these steel poles needs to be done, any miscalculation on this part can result in grievous accidents. The mobility of these propping poles is not that difficult as these are comparatively very light weight.

The size, measurement and length of the propping material is very important and only after careful analysis we must install the poles. If any propping equipment however small it may look is improperly placed then it can damage the whole construction’s quality and compromises on the safety. So it is very crucial to select the best propping equipment for any construction site.