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4 Beautiful Wall Tiles You Must Try

Tiles are a very big part of every home renovation and choosing wall tiles is one of the most confusing tasks. Of Course, it’s the large varieties of tiles that make the selection process tough. So if you are among those who have no idea about which tile is best for them, then this article is for you. Below we have suggested some amazing wall tiles that will make your home look more beautiful. Here’s how the list looks:

Ceramic Tiles

For a classic look, nothing is better than ceramic tiles. It is among the most common tiles that are used by designers nowadays. If you have a tight budget and cannot afford to spend much on your tiles, then this tile type is best for you. The durability of these tiles makes them an ideal choice for your kitchen and bathroom. Besides, these tiles are very easy to clean and install and are available in different colors and designs. Arabian Crackled Aqua, roman maze white crackle and half-moon roman brown crackle serves the best for a unique and premium look.

Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles are famous for their beautiful appearance and stain resistance features. These tiles are the best alternative for natural stone tiles. Whether it’s the stains of red wine or an acidic food like vinegar and lemon, all tough smudges can be clean with just a single wipe. You can use clear glass tiles on your bathroom walls to make it look more attractive. Moreover, for the kitchen, mosaic glass tiles are a very good choice. Talking about the kitchen theme and forgetting to mention backsplash impossible! Glass tile backsplash is a wonderful option for a modular kitchen theme.

Marble Tiles

Marvel tiles add elegance and refinement to any place. If you want your bathroom to look bigger and wider then lay down these marvel tiles immediately. For budget shoppers, Marble tiles are an optimum selection. It is a myth that these tiles are only available in white color. There is a very large variety of marble tiles available in the market. Few examples are Nero black, bardiglio grey, crema Marfil beige, and so on.

Metal Tiles

For a modern themed house, we suggest you go with metal tiles. Whether you use it in your bathroom, kitchen, or your hall, these tiles make every spot look fabulous. Talking about the price, the cost of these tiles are mostly the same as that of natural stone. The installation is very easy and the finishing they give you is indescribable. These tiles are best for your bathroom walls because of their shiny surface. Also, your bathroom will look brighter as these tiles reflect lights. So, say bye-bye to a dark bathroom and use metal tiles now. These tiles have many different varieties, the popular ones are 3D penny round gun, antique copper basketweave brushed, Blanco lync white stone, and straight stick aluminum brushes.

Final Words

This was the list of top four wall tiles that everyone must try. Although the varieties of these tiles are not limited, finding a seller offering all of them is not an easy task. Let us suggest you one online store that has an amazing collection of tiles. You’ll find every tile we have mentioned in this article at And don’t worry about the price, their rates are very reasonable. So what are you waiting for, call your interior designer and tell them your choice now!