Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Things To Do On A Money-free Weekend In Los Angeles

It is actually a fun challenge and it helps us to discover an incredible number of free things to do. We can’t run to the store to buy food or spend money on any sort of entertainment. We delay grocery shopping and just use up what we have got in the pantry. We aren’t allowed to spend money on anything no matter what. We can use our utilities but nothing extra such as a rented online movie.

The biggest challenge for most people is boredom, figuring out fun things to do that do not cost any money. So there are more than a hundred fun and free ways to spend time in Los Angeles activities this weekend. Here are some ideas that you may work on during a money free weekend.

1.Check Out The Community Calendar

Look at your town’s website or just stop by City Hall to get a list of events going on in the community, most of which are free. You will be surprised at how many interesting activities are going on in your area.

2. Visit Your Local Library

Not only a library is a warehouse of books but most libraries have CD and DVD collections also which you can check out- are perfect for the binge-watching weekend. A lot of libraries have storytime for young children, book clubs, film nights, concerts, author readings or lectures, and many other events also that you are unaware of, completely for free. Stop at the library and check out what they have to offer.

3. Get Involved In Community Sports

Many places have community sports fields where both adult and youth sports leagues and activities regularly go on throughout the weekend. Stop by, watch one or two games, and if you find something interesting, look into joining as a volunteer or as a participant.

4. Start Or Join A Fantasy Sports League

Whether it is football, hockey, baseball, basketball, or soccer, there is always a pro sport in season somewhere. You can go to CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, or ESPN and start a free fantasy Sports League easily for you and your friends. Even when you are just playing for bragging rights, a fantasy league may spur competitive banter and endless discussion between the friends as the season unfolds.

5. Organize A Self- Guided Walking Tour

Research the interesting historical and cultural sites in the town, then go on a walking tour. Pack a lunch in the backpack and have a picnic in a park or on the village green. You may turn this into a full day if you are staying in a compelling area.

6. Visit A Free Museum Or A Zoo

Many places and colleges have free educational attractions like zoos or museums. Make an effort to enjoy these attractions that are free. If the community doesn’t have free zoos or museums, call them and ask about opportunities for free to the public exhibits for free days. Many museums are open for free or charge “pay what you can” admission one day a week. You can even enquire if they issue free passes upon request. Local libraries also loan out Museum passes for the day as well. There are many opportunities for you to enjoy zoos, museums, and Science centers without any cost at all.

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