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How To Keep Condo Association Common Areas Clean During COVID

The presence of COVID-19 has affected everyone—from career opportunities to completing daily routines. Apart from that, it also scares everyone as they think something might be infected, which can put their lives at risk, including their families. Moreover, if a person lives in a condo, they might not feel comfortable right in their home.

Living in a condominium provides plenty of benefits. Apart from the amenities they enjoy, they can also ensure they’re safe with the increased security. However, with COVID, that might change. To allow everyone inside to feel safe, listed below are the ways on how you can keep the condo association common areas clean during COVID:

1. Hire A Cleaning Service

Purchasing a condo building isn’t cheap as people are paying for the amenities and security. With that, you may want to ensure you provide your residents what they pay for by ensuring a safe environment. One way you can ensure cleanliness inside the room is by hiring a professional cleaning association. In this way, they’ll help keep the entire property neat and well-maintained.

2. Implement A Cleaning Schedule

Frequent cleaning is a must. You can never know what might happen between hours, making people feel anxious. Therefore, you should implement a cleaning schedule to help guarantee that everything’s polished and clean.

If you have enough manpower, it’d be ideal to have someone clean the common area hourly with proper materials and tools. In this way, you’ll not allow an hour to pass by, which can enable the COVID to stay in and harm more people. Just ensure you clean the tools and supplies as well.  

3. Provide Alcohol Dispensers At Every Corner

People find peace with safety if they can use alcohol every time they go outside or before they touch something. While the residents might bring alcohol of their own, it’d increase the chances of using them when you provide one at every corner of the common area.  

For areas with larger crowds, you might want to provide two alcohol dispensers side by side, so it’ll not crowd people waiting for their turn. As you add alcohol dispensers around the common area, you should ensure that you look for touchless products, so people would just put their hands below the sensor and wait for the machine to dispose of a good amount of alcohol. 

4. Frequently Disinfect Common Areas

Apart from cleaning the condo’s common areas regularly, you shouldn’t forget to have proper disinfection. In this way, you can thoroughly clean everything right from every corner, ensuring that it’s a comfortable place to walk into. You can do this every day after cleansing the halls and common areas to ensure safety. 

If you’re planning to fog the whole room, you might want to consider doing that once a week, ideally during off-hours, so it’ll not interfere with the residents. 

5. Don’t Forget The Elevator And Stairs

One of the most common areas people usually look past is the elevator and stairs as they need to use them every time they need to head to different floors. With that, you may want to ensure you disinfect them regularly as well.  

You should begin by properly disinfecting the elevator button, including the side rails, if available. Depending on the frequency of usage, you should adjust the cleaning schedule accordingly. Even if they don’t touch anything on the front desk, amenity area, and lobby, they’ll surely put their skin against the button, which can be a small movement of transition. Along with this, don’t forget to wipe the call buttons on each floor to guarantee safety.  

6. Clean The Mailroom Most Often

As you clean the common areas in your condo, you shouldn’t forget to provide extra attention to the mailroom as it can be an entryway for the COVID to enter the premises. Since the packages will be coming from outside, you can never be sure how clean or disinfected they are. With that, you should clean the mailroom every time someone heads inside.  

While you can’t disinfect the item itself since it’s a violation of privacy, you should disinfect the front of the mailboxes, especially after the delivery. This will help lessen the contamination, if any, and keep the area clean all the time.


COVID-19 is a scary event everyone’s going through. While you can’t stop the spread immediately, you should take part in lowering the infection and allow the environment to be a healthy place to live in. You can achieve that by ensuring you clean and disinfect everything, especially the common areas, as this is where most people go to when they need to head out to different places.