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Types of Bathroom Faucets You Need to Know Before Buying

Do you want to replace your bathroom faucets as they are aged enough? Or, Are you facing issues with your faucets and they need to replace with new ones?

Finding and purchasing the exact faucets for your bathroom depends on various things including their colors, style, finishes, sizes, and types. You may easily buy bathroom faucets available in the market but you should also keep in your mind a few things before making any purchase. In order to be more clear, you should read the article on bathroom faucets buying guide which will help you to dig deeper.

They need to match with the theme of your bathroom, their color, their types, finishes, and many other things. So, it will be wise to know a few things regarding bathroom faucets before you make a final decision to buy them. Most importantly, you need to know their types and make sure you have purchased the exact same types of faucets you need for your bathroom.

There are different types of bathroom faucets available out there in the market. But I do hope and believe that this article on the specific topic will help you to buy the right types of bathroom faucets for your bathroom that will math with your room and bathroom fixtures.

So, let’s get started to know their types.

Center-set bathroom faucets

If your bathroom’s basin has three holes, you can consider buying the center-set bathroom faucets as they have three parts having one central faucet. You need to install two handles and a spout into the middle of the holes. The distances among the handles and spout are four inches and in some cases, it may be six inches from one another.

Single-handle faucets

Actually, this is the faucets having only one handle and it is also known as single-level faucets. This single handle alone maintains both the water pressure and temperature at the same time. Mostly, it is found in the kitchen and it is best for the kitchen as well.

In order to install a single-handle faucet, your basin needs to have only one hole. In some cases, if your basin has two holes, you need to find single-handle faucets having two parts to cover up the extra hole on the basin.

Bridge bathroom faucets

If you want your bathroom having a traditional feel, bridge bathroom faucets should be your best bet. It looks like a bridge and that’s why it is called bridge bathroom faucets. To install this faucet, your basin or bathroom countertop needs to have two separate holes at a specific distance. The spout keeps a little bit upper than its two handles. Under mount sink is most likely suitable for bridge faucets.

Wall-mount faucets

Wall-mount faucets are convenient when it comes to clean the bathroom countertop. You can easily do the cleaning because wall-mount faucets need to install on the wall on the bathroom countertop. So, there is no need to have any holes on your bathroom countertop. These faucets are now becoming more popular because of its clean appearance. Cleaning the dirty area under the faucets is somehow challenging! But if your bathroom has wall-mount faucets installed on the wall, you can easily reach any dirty area as there is no obstacle on the way.

Vessel bathroom faucets

For vessel faucets, you need to keep a vessel sink on top of your bathroom countertop or bathroom vanity like old-fashioned under-mount sinks. It is most suitable for your bathroom and not for your kitchen. It can be made of stainless steel, glass, ceramic and other materials.

You need to have holes on top of the bathroom countertop for the vessel faucets. Wall mount or deck mount hole can also do the work for you. For vessel faucets, there needs a minimum of four inches to clear.

Final Verdict

Now it’s your turn actually after reading the whole article to choose what type of bathroom faucets you need. Keep an eye before making the deal that your newly-purchased faucets match with your bathroom’s theme and colors so that it looks great as before! And I think that this article will make you buy the perfect bathroom faucets you need.