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4 Tools to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

Every person with a bit of tech knowledge is aware that Google is the operating entity behind YouTube and if the users get to rank the YouTube videos on Google, they are at the top on YouTube. However, ranking is not the straightforward task and it often requires the long-term efforts. There is a multitude of businesses that are adopting the YouTube channels for the sole purpose of increasing the business visibility and marketing. But to ensure the success of YouTube videos for your channel, there are four top-notch ways and tools which we have devised for you in this article. Have a look!

Integrate Topic With Google Trends

We all use Facebook and we all come across something new and trendy on the platform. However, these trends aren’t only on Facebook because Google has top-notch trends circulating on the platform. The Google is operating YouTube and if you want to make the videos successful, you need to find out the topic that is liked by the audience.

The main reason is that if people like the content, they will come back even if you haven’t used the keywords perfectly.

If you are unable to find the interesting topics, you can search for the topics on Google Trend. On this platform, you can also check the interest level of the certain topic through the line graph that it shows. To check that, enter the topic in the search bar, and the graph will show its performance and popularity over the last twelve months. In the settings options, you can opt for the country and area related results to find the right topics. If you find yourself out of ideas, Quora is the optimal platform to search what people like and what type of content they are interested in.

Keyword Search Volume & Competition

It is essential to choose the keywords that have the optimal search volume as they are essential for increasing the visibility. However, the first idea of the keyword must be provided by the topic and you will gain the startup option. Buy YouTube Views the main keyword ,If you want to gain in-depth information about the keywords, use Ubersuggest. Go to Ubersuggest; choose YouTube from the drop-down menu to start the initial process. Once you add the topic of interest in the search bar, Ubersuggest will utilize few seconds to analyze the keyword and put forward the essential information.

This platform will devise information about the keyword volume along with the competition to tell how difficult the keyword is.

Mine the Autosuggestions

We all have used the autosuggestions on the YouTube through the search bar. The process is very simple and all you need is to have YouTube app in your phone. Just open the YouTube app, add the topic of interest in the search, and as soon as you start typing the topic, the relevant search result options will pop up. This is the apt way to devise the list of keywords because these are the topics people use for searching something relevant to your topic of interest.

No matter what to type in the search bar, it will provide multiple long-tail keywords for the keyword usage. Once you have gathered the keywords, you can search them on Ubersuggest and it will provide information if the keyword has high volume or the competition. If you don’t find enough volume and competition, you must not use it as it might not be good for overall performance.

Use & Research Video Tags

YouTube is all about the videos and when you are uploading vides, using the video tags is equally important as the keywords in the title or description. If you get to find the right tags, you will be on the path to increase the visibility of your channel.

However, if you want to gain the video tags, you can use VidIQ. To check the video tags, you can analyze the tags against the competition and the platform is easy to access as it can be added to the Chrome extension. Through this platform, you can search the keywords and the videos that are ranked higher will show up. This information will help devising the forecasted keywords.

These tips will help you to surpass the stiffened and complicated algorithms of the YouTube and make your channel the best one!