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7 Tips to Stay in Shape While Working 9 to 7

Who doesn’t want to have a fit body? But our busy schedules prevent us from hitting the gyms and spending time working out. Up until now, we’d let our busy lives prevent us from getting the physique we always wanted. However, you can squeeze in some simple tricks into your schedule to get into shape without going to the gym.

Here are some tricks to help you get into shape while not disturbing your busy 9-to-7 schedule:

1. Park away from your office

Though it would be a healthy practice to walk or cycle to your workplace, it’s often not possible to do that due to the long distances.

If you are driving to your work, try to find a parking spot at least a 15-minute walk away from your destination so that you get to walk a bit during the day. If you use buses or trains for commuting, get down at the previous stop and walk from there.

Here’s what Harvard has to say about the benefits of walking!

2. Take the stairs

Ditching the elevators can work wonders for your physique. It is a great way to work your muscles without actually having to spend too much time. Take the stairs every time you have to go to your floor. If your floor is too high up to take the stairs, take an elevator for some floors and walk to the rest.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to taking the stairs just for your office, do so even when you need to get to your apartment or some other building.

3. Carry your own healthy lunch

Most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to the cooking office lunches and rely on the office canteens or nearby eateries for lunch. While you might get some healthy food there, nothing can beat a fresh home-cooked meal. Try to cook some light and healthy meal that will taste
good and also prevent you from getting fat by consuming oily and fat-filled food from elsewhere.

4. Pack some healthy snacks

If you follow the previous step and bring your own healthy lunch to the office, you will definitely feel a bit hungry as evening approaches. You will then go looking for sugary and fatty snacks that will cancel out all the effort you put in during lunch.

This is the reason why you should always be carrying some snacks with you. Carry a pack of almonds or cashews that are just as filling as the office snacks and also help you remain healthy and in shape. Wherever you go, try to carry a small pack of such healthy snacks you can munch on if hunger creeps in.

5. Take healthy supplements

Along with following healthy food habits and including physical activities in your schedule, you should also look for taking some supplements that will help you burn some extra fat.

Consider consuming acclaimed weight management drops like Idealica, all-natural drops that facilitate weight loss while also providing your body with important nutrients. And the best part- it has no side effects. So, don’t wait for long and get yourself one to speed your way to a fit body.

6. Follow a simple workout

You can squeeze in a short workout right from your office chair which will be as effective as a gym workout. Keep dumbbells or other light equipment on your desk which you can use while sitting on your chair and working.

During your lunch breaks, try to go for a short walk after eating. You can also arrange for walking meetings with your colleagues to avoid sitting for long hours and walk some extra steps.

7. Get rid of your stress

Taking too much pressure upon yourself will stress you out. Stress has a history of adding to your existing worries. This is because the body secretes a hormone when you are stressed which tends to increase the number of fat cells and get collected in your abdomen region.

The best thing to do is take a break for yourself if you are under too much stress. Listen to music, meditate or just take a stroll. Clear your head before getting back to work.

These methods require you to make the simplest of changes in order to stay fit despite having a packed schedule. Don’t waste your time and execute these tips in your lifestyle.

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