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Practical Summertime Fashion Tips for Men

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with new looks and make inventive alterations to your everyday wardrobe. The abundance of gorgeous weather and general festiveness in the air make summer the ideal time to step out of one’s comfort zone and give new things a try. So if you’ve been thinking of rolling out a new look or taking a chance on some bold accessories, this is the season to cut loose. Fashion-savvy guys who want to set the stage for a memorable – and stylish – summer can benefit from the following pointers.

Invest in Dress Shorts

Dress shorts are among the most essential pieces of summertime attire. Stylish and comfortable men’s dress shorts can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re chilling with friends or attending a semi-formal event, a good pair of dress shorts will help ensure that you’re appropriately dressed and feeling as comfortable as possible. Dress shorts also make great loungewear, so even if you’re just hanging out at home, a comfy pair of dress shorts will enable you to look your best while unwinding from a long day. In addition, depending on what line of work you’re in, dress shorts may be considered appropriate on-the-job attire throughout the summer season. Needless to say, if your job requires you to spend a great deal of time outdoors during the summer months, being allowed to wear dress shorts can be a boon
to your cool-down efforts.

Embrace Loafer Liners and No-Show Socks

Depending on where you live, heavy socks can be downright crucial throughout the winter months. In parts of the country that are known for bitterly cold winter weather, the rights socks can mean the difference between foot comfort and feet that feel like blocks of ice.

During the summer, however, heavy socks are more of a liability than a necessity, particularly for people who do a fair amount of walking or running. Like the rest of your body, your feet do quite a bit of sweating throughout the summer, and when they’re trapped inside thick socks, the sweat has nowhere to escape to. This can lead to irritation, itchiness, fungus and athlete’s foot – among other things.

Fortunately for men who are prone to the previously mentioned foot ailments, there are numerous ways to stave them off. For starters, you can invest in thin, breathable no-show socks and/or loafer liners. By providing your feet with room to breathe, these convenient alternatives to heavy socks significantly reduce your chances of developing athlete’s foot and various other foot issues. Some men opt to go completely sockless in the summer. While this will certainly give your feet more room to breathe, it won’t completely eliminate the risk of foot issues. Furthermore, if you already have foot fungus, wearing open-toed footwear increase the likelihood of you spreading it to other people. Fortunately, loafer liners and no-shows can help recreate the sockless look without actually requiring you to be sockless.

Rock Graphic Tees

With agreeable weather on an almost-daily basis, summer is the best time of year for T-shirts. While there’s a lot to be said for the general simplicity of solid-color tees, summer is the season for expressing yourself and taking risks. That being the case, it’s the perfect time of year to stock up on eye-catching graphic tees. Fortunately, graphic tee options have never been more abundant. With a few simple clicks, you can find shirts that feature images from an ever-increasing array of television shows, movies, video games and other types of franchises. If you’re feeling particularly daring, take advantage of one of the web’s many design-your-own-shirt services or invest in T-shirt designing software. In addition to being practical summertime attire, graphic tees can be a fantastic form of self-

If spring is the season of rebirth, summer is the season of experimentation. Whether it’s taking a trip to an unfamiliar locale, trying exotic new foods or stepping outside of your usual social circle, summer is the time to explore what lies outside of your comfort zone.

Unsurprisingly, summertime is also the ideal season for trying out bold new fashions. Even if you’re largely satisfied with your current wardrobe, there’s no better season in which to shake things up.