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5 Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash

Data shows that most Americans don’t have enough savings to cover an emergency. However, things pop up all the time, from unexpected medical expenses to car repairs.

If you ever find yourself in a bind, you can make some quick cash using a few handy items. Keep reading to learn about 5 things to sell to make quick cash!

1. Blood Plasma

Looking to make a quick $50 on your lunch break? Then head on over to your local plasma center!

With a few exceptions, almost anyone can donate plasma. And once you go through an initial screening, you’ll be able to donate as often as twice per week.

The process is simple, painless, and takes about an hour to 90 minutes in total.

While you won’t get rich off of it, it’s a great way to make some pocket money.

2. Your House

While most homes sit on the market for at least a few weeks, you can offload your house in as little as a few days.

Instead of going through a realtor, you’ll instead want to sell your home as-is to a cash for houses company. These companies make their money by “flipping” homes in which they’ll buy a home for cheap, fixing it up and sell it at a higher price.

3. Unused Gift Cards

Gift cards are a quick gift when you don’t know what else to get someone. At the same time, it’s easy to forget about them and let unused gift cards stack up, especially if the gift card is for a store you don’t visit regularly.

Instead of letting it collect dust in your house, sell it to a service like Coinstar or a website like Cardpool.

The downside is that you’ll rarely get the full value of the gift card, so if you have a $20 gift card, you can expect about $18 from it. Still, that’s a solid deal if you didn’t plan on using the card anyway.

Additionally, consider reward points or offers you get like shop at and start earning Walmart cashback rewards. An easy and fun way to make quick cash.

4. A Car

It’s finally time to get rid of that old clunker you’ve had sitting in your driveway for months. But before you have it hauled off, you should know that your old vehicle can still be of use — even if it doesn’t work anymore.

Consider breaking down your car for parts, selling as-is, or trading it in towards a new vehicle.

The exact value of your car will depend on its make, model, and condition, but you can at least get some money by scrapping it.

5. Your Ideas

You have opinions, and companies want to hear them! Turn your opinions into money by participating in market research events or completing online surveys.

It only takes a few minutes of your time, and most companies will either reward you with cash or a gift card.

You’re not going to fund your next vacation through market research, but you can easily fetch a few bucks for your time. Plus, you’ll sometimes get to see new products before they hit the market.

Get Paid Today: Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash

Don’t let money stress you out. Whether you’re a little short on bills or you’re just looking to free up some space, these things to sell to make quick cash can help make your life a bit easier.

For more tips on living an exciting, stress-free life, be sure to check back with our blog for more great content.