Thursday, April 22, 2021

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6 Must-Have Apps for Frequent Travelers

Whether you’re traveling close to home or somewhere across the world, your phone is a critical travel tool. By downloading the right apps, you’ll be able to have a safer, simpler, and far more enjoyable adventure away from home.

Here are six must-have apps that frequent travelers have to download ASAP.

1. AllStays Camp and Tent

If you love camping while exploring the U.S. and Canada, AllStays Camp and Tent (App Store) is a necessary download. This convenient app has a database of over 20,000 campgrounds for you to choose from. With plenty of maps, reviews, and extra details available for every location, you’ll have no trouble finding a tent-only campsite for the night.

2. Trail Wallet

Being able to properly manage your finances is essential for any frequent traveler. Ensuring that your expenses are organized and your budget is kept to has never been easier than with Trail Wallet (App Store). With the app, you can set a monthly or daily budget, log your receipts, and track your expenses in the most straightforward way possible.

3. Happy Cow

Vegans and vegetarians all over the world use this app to find restaurants, markets, grocery stores, and everywhere else that can accommodate their lifestyle and diet. Happy Cow (Play Store and App Store) has options for gluten-free travelers as well, making it a necessary download for anyone with dietary restrictions.

4. TripLingo

Have you ever traveled to a new country and found you felt really out of place? Or maybe you had trouble understanding the locals, even if they were speaking English. With the TripLingo app (Play Store and App Store), you’ll have access to a voice translator, an image translator, and a list of need-to-know phrases for each country or language. TripLingo also provides information concerning cultural norms such as tipping and basic manners, as well as how to travel safely in any specific region.

5. PackPoint

Packing is essential for every traveler, and doing it lazily or incorrectly can affect how much you enjoy your trip. The PackPoint app (Play Store and App Store) takes into account all the different variables of packing, such as your access to laundry services, the weather, and your planned activities, to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Simply enter the details of your trip, and PackPoint will provide you with a list to make packing totally stress-free.

6. SimpleNote

Sometimes the basic notes app just doesn’t cut it. With SimpleNote (Play Store and App Store), you can take detailed, easily accessible, plain text notes efficiently using the app’s many features. You can create checklists, organize with tags, and even add collaborators so that your friends, co-workers, family, or travel buddies can add to your notes.

SimpleNote, with its unique collaborators feature, is incredibly convenient for travelers. You can manage your trip’s schedule, make important notes, write out important translations, and much more. SimpleNote is also highly beneficial for those studying or working while on the road. Whether you’re working from your van or taking post-secondary online courses in tourism, having an easy way to take and keep track of your notes will definitely come in handy.

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