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No Wedding Anxiety – How to Stay Zen during the Most Stressful Time of Your Life

If you love big traditional weddings, you are heading to a stressful period because planning for the nuptials isn’t easy.

Before having a ring on your finger, you thought getting engaged is a milestone in your life, but the moment you started to plan the wedding you understood that the process is more stressful than anything else you experienced. You don’t throw significant events regularly, so you have no idea what it implies. You need to balance your day-to-day life by planning the most important day in your life. And if you want a big wedding, it’ll take plenty of effort because traditional weddings come with debilitating pressure.

This article will provide some practical guidelines on how to handle this stressful period. From hiring reliable suppliers to getting a massage and asking your friends from help, all are effective tools in fighting wedding anxiety.

Let’s discover together the techniques brides use all the time to deal with this craziness.

Anticipate the anxiety

Your list of guests tells you how big the wedding will be. A big wedding comes with the pressure of everything being perfect. And if you’re prone to panic attacks then organizing your wedding may not be the best decision because it’ll transform the experience into a daunting event. Hiring a wedding planner prevents stressful moments or and allows you to anticipate the days that cause anxiety. Wedding planners have experience in working with anxious brides, and they can predict the moments that can trigger your panic attacks and help you skip them.

Whether there are the flowers you cannot get in time, the cake, the idea of making a speech in front of all your guests, emotions are natural, but if you plan these aspects, you’ll find ways to lower the stress. And if you think you cannot handle them without overwhelming yourself, ditch them from your wedding. You don’t need to make a speech if you don’t feel comfortable.

Be decisive

Planning a wedding implies decisions, and the best way to fight wedding anxiety is to be crucial. Before looking for venues, buying flowers, and shopping for a dress, research. Compare options before making decisions. The table plans, hairstyle, menu choices and the band can keep you stuck for weeks and stress you out. The best way to avoid wedding stress is to set weekly decision-making deadlines. Don’t do it all at once. Each week is about another decision and only when you know what the venue is you can establish the table plans. And once you have the dress you can pick the hairstyle and makeup. It’s always best to stay with something natural and casual because you want to look like you on your wedding day.

When you check the wedding pictures years from now, you want to recognize yourself in these photos, so there’s no use to go the extra mile and change your look for a day.

Your wedding is unique, don’t compare it to any other one

Comparison is the thief of joy. You want a traditional wedding, but it doesn’t mean it should be the same as everyone’s else. If you wish wedding anxiety to kick in, compare your event to another one. Whether it’s a celebrity, a co-worker or friend, pitting your big day against another is a pointless exercise. Remember, it’s your special day. You decide what makes you happy on this day. Only because your friend had peonies, and she thinks they are the ideal flowers for a bride, it doesn’t mean they are your ideal blossoms. If you want a succulents bouquet go for it.

Take some time away from planning

Self-care is essential during the process. You don’t have to spend every day doing wedding-related stuff. Whether you go out with your partner, take long baths listening to your favorite music, having spa treatments, using organic hemp flower, eating lunch with your friends or exercising, have some time away from your wedding. Using CBD oil can also help you maintain stress levels and anxiety under control, so you should give it a try. Only because you go out with your bridesmaids, it doesn’t mean you should talk about the wedding; you have so many other subjects to catch up with.

Don’t check wedding-related emails, don’t look for dresses and don’t check catalogues for at least one day a week. Take this time to focus on your emotions, relationships and self-care. Planning your wedding isn’t different than a job, you work for a couple of hours, and then you relax and forget about the tasks you must complete until the next day.

You’re gorgeous, don’t forget that

Don’t forget for a single second that you are a slammin’ hottie and all dresses would look amazing on you. You have great hair, a beautiful body and glowing skin. Don’t be one of the brides that allow lack of confidence to trigger wedding anxiety.

Many grooms and brides stress out about their appearance on their wedding day. But you have to remember you’re getting married to someone who loves you for who you are, so they already think you’re perfect. You don’t need to change the way you look to impress them. While indulging in some pampering is always welcomed, don’t go the extra mile and try to lose too much weight, double up the lashes with fake ones, and use hair extensions.

There’s something about weddings that make the bride and groom glow on their own. They need no extra embellishments. Some say it’s the happiness that makes them look ten times more gorgeous.

Say bye-bye to drama

Your bridesmaids don’t like the color you picked for the dresses, your partner’s brother refuses to wear a bow tie, the bakery cannot make 300 cupcakes in such short time, your mother in law doesn’t like your bouquet.

Planning a wedding is similar to fighting for world peace, and you should get a Nobel Peace Prize and a job at the UN if you don’t get crazy in the process. It’s going to be hard to convince everyone to agree with your decisions, but don’t allow drama to disturb the event. Step back when you feel overwhelmed and try not to make decisions for a day. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your partner are getting married.