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How to Protect Your Murfreesboro, TN, Home From Mold Damage

Beautiful Murfreesboro, TN, is a true paradise for homeowners who want a safe, tight-knit community to raise their children or enjoy the beauty of Tennessee. With a comparatively low cost of living, plenty of parks with winding nature trails, and a vibrant downtown with adorable shops, this is a wonderful small town well within driving distance of Music City; it’s no wonder so many people love living here and never want to leave.

Unfortunately, homes in Murfreesboro are just as prone to mold damage as the rest of the state, mostly due to frequent precipitation and high humidity in the summer. These make prime breeding grounds for mold, which can cause serious health problems should it remain unchecked. 

To protect your home, you need to know exactly what to do when this insidious pest arises, including how to identify it. Today, we’ll take a look at the most crucial ways you can protect your home from mold. 

Know the Signs of Mold Damage

Knowing is half the battle, so you need to be able to identify mold damage and take action right away. As there are an incredible 1.5 million species of mold in the world – thankfully, not all are prone to becoming houseguests – there are numerous ways that this problem can manifest. 

Look for damp patches on your walls, as well as brown, green, yellow, orange, or black spots. Wearing gloves and a face mask to protect your respiratory system, touch the spot you suspect might be mold; if it smears, then it’s probably that exact issue. 

Of course, we want to prevent mold before ever coming into contact with it, but how can we do so? There are numerous tactics you can start with to take care of mold-prone areas right away.

Regularly Deep Clean Areas Most Prone to Mold

Cleaning is a crucial component of staying mold-free. Showers are especially common spaces where mold likes to hang out, so commit to deep cleaning your shower regularly, preferably on a biweekly or monthly schedule. Use strong cleaning products and wear protection to avoid getting anything on your clothes.

Basements, attics, HVAC units, and kitchen crevices are also common culprits for a mold infestation, so be sure to take a look at these and clean them regularly too. 

Waterproof Damp Areas of the Home

Waterproofing makes sure that mold has no porous surfaces to hang to, and it also takes away one of their prime nutrition sources: water. Use material-appropriate seal coating to banish mold before it ever starts growing, and check your work carefully to ensure that not a single spot is left uncovered. You may find it helpful to work with a professional seal coating company on this step, as they will be able to identify the right products and techniques for the job. 

Ensure Proper Drainage

You need to keep water where it belongs, which is in sinks or outside. Check your pipes regularly to look for leaks, which can easily infiltrate your drinking water and make your family sick. When it comes to gutters and downspouts, make sure they are intact and aimed away from the home to drain water properly. If your basement is prone to flooding or high humidity, be sure to install a dehumidifier and clean it regularly to ensure no mold growth. You may also consider putting in a sump pump to remove any water that may build up after flooding or a severe storm. 

Don’t Hesitate to Rely on Professionals

Sometimes, even your best efforts can’t prevent mold, in which case you should call a Murfreesboro mold remediation company for prompt and thorough service. IICRC-certified technicians are highly familiar with all permutations of mold and will be able to isolate the area, kill mold colonies, and prevent their resurgence through preventative measures so that you never have to deal with musty odors or chest colds from mold ever again. 

Some mold species can be very dangerous, especially to those with weak immune systems, so it’s important that you allow experts to take a look at the problem and apply strong disinfectants to kill all the mold and bacteria that have built up. Their services can be incredibly affordable and quick, especially if you catch the issue early.

You love your Murfreesboro home, set as it is in a charming community with plenty of recreational activities. To keep your property beautiful, be sure to perform preventative maintenance and call for professional assistance should you ever find mold lurking in your basement, shower, or other humid area of the home. You’ll thank yourself when you find you can breathe easier and better enjoy your happy, healthy home.