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The Best Notebooks to Capture Your Creative Thoughts

Writing in a notebook is the best way to unlock your creativity and release a few pent up thoughts from the day. What with the world becoming so technical, the idea of pulling some time out of your day, taking a seat and having a scribble, seems a little outdated. Of course, it’s easier to have a scroll through your social media, watch the latest binge worthy series or zone out in front of a movie, but there’s so many benefits to getting a little physical with your thoughts. You’ll enjoy a Zen state whilst you pour out all that creativity that’s waiting to be put to use. Whether you’re a full-time creative guru, or you don’t consider yourself artistic but you still want to express yourself, grabbing a diary is going to get you feeling revived in no time. Without further ado, read on to discover the very best notebooks for capturing your creative thoughts:

Graphic Notebook

A graphic style notebook is, by name, perfect for all your drawing! Graphic notebooks are specially made to facilitate your creativity, however, this is directed more towards those creative spirits who like to express themselves through images. These will come unlined, with high grade, quality paper inside. This model comes with a subtle, grey dot grid interior that’ll make it easy for you to create amazing designs in an organized fashion. Of course, if your talent can’t be tamed, opt for a book that’s completely blank, just be sure to find one with a sturdy cover to keep your creations intact.

Linen Covered

A notebook with a linen cover is a real creative luxury. These soft covered books look amazing, and you can find them in all kinds of patterns and colors! This particular book has a beautiful, artistic design that is sure to get you feeling inspired every time you sit down to create! This option really is best for books that will be living at home or on your workbench. You don’t want to damage the gorgeous, high quality exterior – or your personal designs inside!

Classic, Ruled Moleskine

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic. A Moleskine has absolutely everything you need for a smooth writing experience. This one is the best choice if you’re planning on expressing yourself through a journal, poetry, stories or even song lyrics. You’ll be able to write flat every time and the handy sewn in bookmark will stop you from losing your place! You can find these in soft and hard cover, so just be sure to factor in where you’ll be doing your creating, and you’ll make the right choice for you!


If you’re hunting for a creative notebook that’ll sit on your nightstand or your home desk, consider a coverless style! A notebook without any cover doesn’t only look interesting, it’s an opportunity for you to really showcase your talent! If you’re writing and drawing at home on the regular, this is a great, savvy option.

Kraft Cover

Looking for something in-between no cover and a hardcover? Opt for a Kraft cover! This is great because you can get creative with drawings and scribbles on the cover, making your personal stamp whilst still keeping your designs protected! This is for the serious creative who’s always on the go.

With so many options for notebooks, your creative spirit should be absolutely raring to go! Get exploring and find your perfect fit today, get started on your artistic journey.