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3 Reasons Why Modern Couples Treasures Bali Wedding

The importance of resource endowment to a wedding scene cannot be overstressed. Although many people seek Bali for various reasons, most of these favoritisms cling to the following:

First, Bali is endowed with islands. This is a natural advantage to modern wedding needs. Second, the welcoming culture favors wedding. Lastly, accommodation pioneers numerous local and international Bali weddings.

1. Bali Is an Outstanding Island Destination

Bali has access to more than 100 islands. Some of these islands are sub-islands of Bali or neighboring islands. A myriad of wedding couples chooses Bali and its islands because they can access beaches from there.

Beaches offer conducive sites for entertainment. That’s, beaches facilitate refreshing activities like swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Additionally, most couples like sunbathing on the beaches or evening dining.

Not only do these favor weddings but they enable easier transition into the honeymoon. After the wedding, most couples find themselves on the islands of Bali. For example, Moyo as well as the Komodo islands.

Moyo island enables you to view a large part of Bali. Again, the island creates optimum privacy since it possesses fewer people most of the time.

The Komodo islands, on the other hand, has a national park and several islands. It is crucial for cruising Bali. Apart from the scary caves and wild creatures, Komodo island accesses several beaches.

These beaches characterize huge waves, something that global couples find mesmerizing to swim at  or watch.

2. Balinese Culture Is Unique

Known as the Island of Gods, Bali attracts wedding couples as well as tourists. This owes to outstanding artwork from the Hinduism culture. For example, the magical designs of wedding scenes attract numerous weddings.

A typical artwork is the Tresna chapel. The chapel displays creativity and classical artwork. Its outward appearance eases love for nature such as the magnificent view of the Indian ocean. Likewise, its interior is customized for various functions such as guest meetings.

Unlike some parts of Indonesia, Bali welcomes all religions. Notable ones being Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Not only does this create a peaceful coexistence but it pioneers a typical environment for Bali weddings.

The local inhabitants are willing to assist, especially foreigners. Besides, they are ever willing to share. For example, they readily give you their local seafood and brews. This welcoming culture sets the pace for frequent weddings in Bali.

3. Bali Provides World-class Accommodation

Bali is the home to renowned hotels, resorts, and spas. These are world-class destinations with customized wedding environments. The designs of most of the restaurants set the mood for love.

For example, flowering and other decorations. Most of these accommodation destinations are specialists in attractive room lighting. Thus, they initiate romantic moods as well as that of the toast parties.

Even if all you need is utmost privacy, most Bali resorts and villas will avail that to you. They express this in the size of rooms and designs.

You can book the accommodation via online booking firms or through respective resorts and hotels. It is recommended that you book a wedding accommodation for a minimum stay of 3 days.

Again, the accommodation entails world-class dining and special arrangements. For instance, the AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach. Here, you find spacious rooms to accommodate guests and wedding arrangements.

Likewise, Hotel Jakarta buys the bride gowns. Besides, they participate in dressing and make-up application needs of the bride.

Lastly, a typical wedding package comprises meals. Be certain to find breakfast and sunset dining at specially designed locations. Finally, most of the resorts entail the Bali cruise as a form of extra entertainment.


As long as Bali has a rich culture it will remain a hotspot destination for wedding couples. We can predict that this trend is bound to remain since most of these clients possess undisputed love for island destinations of Bali. Lastly, world-class accommodation accelerates Bali weddings.