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The Advantages of Electric Rebar Cutters

Electric rebar cutters have been evolving as a revolution in the construction industries. These tools are generally used for cutting small size rebars where you do not want to use the manual cutting machine and waste energy for a short time process.

Below are a few advantages of electric rebar cutters because of which the cutters are mainly used in the industries.

  1. Portable – Due to its smaller size, it is easy to carry within the industry wherever it is required.
  2. Accuracy – Since it is an electric machine, the accuracy of cutting is more accurate than the annual cutting machine.
  3. Speed – The speed of the cutter is much more than the speed of the manual cutting machine. So, it is used in the places where the work has to be done on priority.
  4. Easy to adjust – Any minor issues in the cutter can be easily fixed. So, it became very convenient for the workers to work with these cutters.
  5. Low noise – There is no complaint of high noise like a manual cutting machine. The sound is smooth and bearable.
  6. Stable performance – Performance-wise electric rebar cutters stand first compared to the manual cutters.
  7. Efficiency – When you have all the above advantages in the cutter, the ability of the cutters is more than the manual cutters — no doubt in that.

There are many electric rebar cutters in the market, and below are considered as top-rated electric rebar cutters based on the performances and specifications featured.

Happy Buy

Electric rebar cutter machines from ’Happy buy’ ranks first in the industry due to its added advantages and specifications for the price spent by the industry.

This model comes with a power capacity of 1700 Watts, which is still now no company has introduced. This high-power capacity is the essential specification of Happy buy motors.

These cutters can cut the rebars with more width (up to 1 inch) in no time. Whereas the other company cutters are with certain limitations like the jaws of the blade will go blunt or cut.

While cutting, there are no sparks or dust from the cutter. This makes the worker work efficiently without any disturbances.

The price is reasonable for the specifications when compared to the other brands of cutters.

There is only one disadvantage to this model – it is not efficient enough to cut the shorter pieces of rebars well.

BN Products

The electric cutters from BN Products are now trending and ranking next to Happy Buy. Below are a few advantages of the cutter from BN products.

The cutter comes out with affordable price and performance.

The cutting blade is not open. Instead it the cutter is with a guard, which serves as a significant safety specification for a worker. So, it makes the worker use the cutter more convenient.

The machine is with double insulated power harness. This makes the cutter shockproof, and any worker can handle the cutter confidently without any issue.

The machine from BN products is with a rotating trigger handle, which has three positions removable side. One of the essential points to be noted in this product is it has a rotating trigger handle which makes the worker move the cutter in any direction in which the worker wants to move the cutter.

Klutch Rebar Cutter

The cutters from Klutch comes out with longer handles than the usual cutters. Longer plays a vital role for the workers to work with safety. There is no fear of cutting the body parts in any way since the worker cannot be near to the cutting area.

There is no worry of rust formation in the blades because the cutters from Klutch are with stainless steel blades. These blades will not go blunt quickly after several uses also because the blades are made of drop-forged high-quality alloy steel.

This cutter can cut rebars with a thickness of 5/8 inch. This cutter ranks worth for the money.

CCTI Portable Rebar cutter

This CCTI model is with reference number RC-165C. CCTI cutters come with electric hydraulic, which can cut up to 5/8 inch easily. This model is portable and very compact to use, which weighs only 17.6 LB.

The main advantage of this type of model is it can cut the rebar of 5/8 inch in just 3 seconds, which makes the worker more efficient towards their commitments.

The power capacity of this model is 900 Watts. A hydraulic oil pack will be provided along with the cutter to increase the smoothness whenever there is a slow in the cutting.

There are many more rebar cutters are available in the market, but as per the survey, the above companies are considered as top-rated electric rebar cutters for any industrial use.

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