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Isolation Must Haves: Feeling Better While Stuck Indoors

I’m sure you feel like I do in that sometimes during lockdown, you realise you don’t know what day it is or what to be doing with yourself. While it’s all too easy to work yourself into a malaise when there’s nothing to do, it is the ideal time to do some TLC on yourself.

You don’t need a spa experience or fancy skincare products to feel incredible, but there are some simple things guys and girls can do to make themselves feel better while stuck indoors.

Here are some ideas of what you can buy to feel better, and look better, while stuck indoors.

Ridiculously good coffee

For a lot of people working from home, the first highlight of the working day used to be stopping by that one café you know does coffee just how you like it. Now though, you might be using instant coffee and just not enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning. It can quite literally leave a sour taste in your mouth and get the day off to a bad start.

That needs to stop. You deserve to get yourself some ridiculously good coffee, so order some online. You might panic wondering what you need for the perfect brew, but if you take a look at sites like Pact Coffee, Kiss The Hippo or The Coffee Factory, they have subscriptions which come with the equipment you need to craft the perfectly poured first coffee of the day.

If you weigh up how much you were paying for an americano every morning against ordering a fancy cafetière or AeroPress, you will be saving money in the long-run. And it’ll be worth it when you’re in a good mood before opening up the laptop and getting ready for work.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Everyone is practically glued to their phones while we’re all stuck indoors. Whether it’s reading the news, going on video calls for catch-ups or staring at a laptop for work, we’re all taking in a lot of blue light every day.

If you’re still glued to your phone in the evening, and just have to take it with you to bed, you’re putting your eyes under strain, with the blue light devices telling our brains “HEY, I AM FINE BEING AWAKE RIGHT NOW”.

That’s why a lot of people are ordering blue light blocking glasses to combat the effects our devices are causing. They’re non-prescription and made to look like regular glasses – so no need to worry you’ll be wearing a funky looking pair.

For a good deal on a pair, a shop like the Kanturo blue light glasses store should see you find a pair with suitably trendy frames that luckily don’t look like an old-fashioned pair of reading glasses.

Floss (every day!)

Only a crazy person wouldn’t fear a trip to the dentist’s office, but while they’re all closed, it doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of our oral health. If you’ve always been lax with flossing, make it a daily activity that you have to do. I find that making a list and sticking it to the fridge helps a lot, especially when making tea in the evening and having a quick check of the door while grabbing milk.

I also place the floss right in front of the TV, so it’s in a memorable spot and stops me from having any excuse not to do it. I’ve now gotten so used to flossing that I will do it evenings after dinner; something I never would have before.

Stick with it, and you’ll get top marks on your next visit to the dentist.

Beard shampoo

I know a lot of people who are letting their hair go wild while being inside. If you’re growing out a beard or moustache for the first time, you’ll want to avoid using regular shampoo or shower gel on your beard.

Why is this the case? Well, you have to think of your head hair and beard hair as two separate things. I mean, even if you touch the two, you’ll instantly recognise how they feel different. A lot of shampoos will have ingredients which strip the sebum oil off the scalp. This is great at stopping hair from looking greasy, but your beard relies heavily on oils because the hair is much thicker and the pores more reactive.

Get yourself some beard shampoo and look for any products that list all-natural ingredients or come in a pack with beard oil (just think of it like how you would moisturise after a good scrub in the shower). Your beard will take to certain products, just like skin so play about with smaller samples and figure out which is best for your beard.

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