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3 Reasons Why Roofing Designs Matter In Terms Of Curb Appeal

There are so many factors that contribute to your house’s curb appeal, and your roof is one of those. A house’s exterior appearance matters because it makes the house appealing and inviting to others. This is why your roof should not only be built to withstand the forces of weather, but also to look attractive. Continue reading to find out why roofing designs are an important part of increasing curb appeal.

Choosing Roofing Designs

New roofing designs are coming up every day in the construction world, and even the old designs are evolving to look more appealing. These roof designs come in various looks, shapes, colours, and styles. Besides their looks, some roof designs are more functional than the other.

At the point of making a selection, most buyers find out that the most aesthetically-pleasing ones are not as functional or even durable. Therein lies the dilemma most people face—whether to buy an aesthetically-pleasing one or a functional yet bland-looking one.

Before, people chose to go for the functional yet bland-looking ones, perhaps for the protection and durability it provides. However, it’ll interest you to know that even that’s changing drastically. Nowadays, you can find roof designs that are highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing. You can head to and check for functional yet attractive roofing designs and roof repair services.

3 Reasons Why Roofing Designs Matter In Terms Of Curb Appeal

1. Your Roofing Design Impacts Your House’s Aesthetic Lifespan

The type of roof you choose determines the strength of protection your house gets from weather and climate factors. More so, it partly determines how your house looks. Do you know that the roof is the first thing people notice upon coming across a house? This is because roofs are designed to have a captivating attribute that makes people notice them.

When you choose a spectacular roofing design, you give people a good reason to gaze upon your house. Aside from that, it complements the external setting of your house, defining the outlook and whole exterior appearance.

It is also important to know that some roofing designs lose their aesthetic appeal faster than the others. That’s why you should carry out your research well before settling for any particular roofing design.

Moreover, some roofing designs might only be in vogue for a short while, so are you prepared to renovate the roof after the current design loses its décor appeal? You should take this into account when choosing a roof design. This will ensure that your house’s roofing design never goes out of style. Furthermore, your curb appeal will keep on being just that—appealing.

2. Curb Appeal And Home Value

Curb appeal is important if you plan to sell your house now or down the line. Most people are keen on how the exterior and interior parts of their houses look. The exterior part is particularly important to them because that’s what outsiders notice first. Most people won’t want to buy a house that looks horrible externally after all.

Since your roof style is part of what makes up your curb appeal, you should pay attention to it if you want to increase your home’s value. Choosing an attractive roofing design can increase the curb appeal and value of the home, as well as also attract good buyers faster.

Alternatively, choosing a shabby roof design can reduce the house’s curb appeal significantly. In turn, this might affect the value of the house or make buyers lose interest. This is why realtors encourage house sellers to make their house look appealing before listing it.

3. An Attractive Roof Creates A Good Impression

Your house’s exterior covers the interior, and that’s what gives the first impression to viewers. Just like the way people tend to judge books by their covers, people also judge houses first through its exterior.

One of the ways to make your house stand out among others in your neighbourhood is by choosing a good roof design. Even if you have a gorgeous interior, an outdated, ugly or mangled roof would damage that first impression of your house. The most alarming part is that the impression you earn will go unrepaired in the mind of many.

This is because not all those who pass by your home have the opportunity to enter it. Those who never enter your house will simply conclude that your interior looks just as terrible. For this reason, you should try to improve the curb appeal by ensuring your roof is in good state at all times.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you choose a beautiful yet functional roofing design. People’s first impression of your house will always be good, and your home’s value will be high. Besides, you’ll have a swell feeling knowing that the gorgeous-looking house everyone is noticing is yours.