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The Evolution of Digital Gaming Over the Past Ten Years

Digital gambling halls today offer a wide range of offers, from which to draw to spend one’s free time as a leisure solution for enthusiasts or simply curious. In a vast offer such as that of online gaming it is possible to choose between live casino games, such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack, to which we must then add video poker, slot machines and craps.

How an online gaming site works today

Occasionally the best casino sites offer other games, which however can be played for limited periods of time, based on the availability of the said gambling hall. From this list, as you can see, there is no online poker, which for a formal reason is considered a separate game, for several reasons, primarily technical, related to the playability and the software with which it is managed. In the collective imagination, which of course most often refers to the context of online casino games, dice, roulette and blackjack have contributed to creating the success, popularity and legend of the most prestigious gambling halls. Europe and the world.

A virtual dream factory that looks to the most important live casinos in the world

Of course, when you think about gambling, the Las Vegas entertainment factory immediately comes to mind, and to a lesser extent that of Reno, the second largest gaming city in the state of Nevada. In other times we would have also said Atlantic City, while today immediately after Las Vegas, we think, for example, of the opulent casinos of Macau in China or Malta, which for some decades has been able to invest and focus on legal gambling and on the circuit sports betting. At this moment the international circuit of online gaming is a valid alternative to spend an evening of fun, in the domestic version, as well as the gaming sector and the home video sector, with an offer increasingly present due to the many networks and broadcasts, easily available and with increasingly important catalogs.

What are the best known and appreciated online casino games at the moment

As we have been able to ascertain for some time, the online casino games that are getting more public feedback, are the slot machines roulette and blackjack which are among the best casino games of recent times, according to the constant feedback from the public and for experts who deal with online gaming in a professional way. For example, the game of 21, the name with which blackjack is also known, together with baccarat, constitutes a valid and significant alternative to poker, which for almost 20 years has benefited from a hype and a truly incredible popularity in Italy and in the rest of Europe. We are not just talking about the circuit of enthusiasts, experts and professional players, but of simple users, curious and occasional, who during the last 10-12 years have played an online game at least once in a while, on a legal gaming site in Italy .

The data of the online gaming circuit in Italy and in the rest of Europe for 2019-2020

The data are the litmus test of how the gambling sector has been able to work in terms of functionality, programming, software management, but above all of playability. We also talk about technically not simple aspects, given that the type of device, in the last 6-7 years has been replaced and changed at least for 70% of users, who gradually moved first from the fixed PC to the laptop, then from the portable to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and convertible computers. The same type of evolution has affected the gaming sector, where today the gaming platforms and consoles have been studied and conceived to meet the type of user who prefers the game from tablets or smartphones.