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Reasons to Get Total Ankle Replacement

Total ankle replacement in Las Vegas may be your only solution if other treatments have failed to yield results. You may receive a total ankle replacement for a variety of disorders including arthritis and chronic pain.

A total ankle replacement is a modern joint procedure that aims to restore ankle joint functionality to full capacity. The following are reasons why a doctor may decide that you need a total ankle replacement:

Ankle Arthritis

You do not have to go to a doctor for you to know that you have ankle arthritis. The pain, swelling, and stiffness will often be indication enough, but you have to visit a doctor if it gets serious.

Arthritis seems to get worse with changes in weather, usually as it becomes colder. You may try mobility exercises every day to no effect. You may even try moving to warmer climates or taking the most potent pain medication on the market, but your arthritis still persists.

If that is the case, then your doctor will very likely suggest that you get total ankle replacement. It is often the case when the ankle pain is a result of past trauma and a total ankle replacement is the best solution to finally heal the old or traumatic damage done to your ankle.

If You Want to Stay Active

Total ankle replacement is much like knee or hip replacement in that only the surfaces of the joints are replaced. With modern technology, your ankle can be made to fit better and last longer as implants can be done very accurately now.

When your ankle joint is resurfaced with metal and plastic, you can retain the range of motion in your ankle while the pain is alleviated at the same time. An ankle replacement is one of the few ways through which you can treat arthritis in a joint while allowing for maximum movement.

You Do Not Want an Ankle Fusion

An ankle fusion is a common solution for ankle arthritis. An ankle fusion is a procedure whereby the cartilage remaining on an ankle joint is removed, and the two ankle bones are enjoined using metal plates and screws. Ankle fusions have been in existence since the 1950s as a treatment for end-stage ankle arthritis. However, the treatment is quite limited for a couple of reasons.

First of all, ankle fusions eradicate any motion in the ankle. Therefore, if you would like to stay active or if you like to wear different types of shoes, you should not get an ankle fusion.

The second reason is that an ankle fusion leads to other joints in the leg bearing the stress that the ankle is not bearing, which then puts those joints at risk for developing arthritis. These joints will start to hurt which means that they are becoming prone to arthritis.

Therefore, an ankle replacement assures you that the rest of your joints will continue to be healthy after the procedure. As you can see, there are several reasons why you should choose a total ankle replacement over other arthritis treatments. Your body will thank you later.

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