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25 Creative Snowman Ideas for Christmas

One of the most beautiful things about winter holidays is related to the special crafts, presents and decorations. Take a look at these Creative Snowman Ideas for Christmas, which will melt your heart during the Christmas season. These little snowmen will add charm to any Christmas tree or gift box, and make charming and thoughtful holiday presents for friends and family members. They are cool, fun and could be a great project to do with the kids.

Forget the traditional carrots and pebbles – these snowman artists have pulled out all the stops. If there’s good snow on the ground where you are, get out there, make a snowman and share your pictures with us!

25 Creative Snowman Ideas for Christmas

Baseball Snowman Ornament

baseball snowman ornament

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

bottle cap snowman ornaments

Cute Paper Plate Snowman Craft For Kids

cute paper plate snowman craft for kids

DIY Snowman Lamp

DIY snowman lamp

Diy Snowmen Terra Cotta Oots

diy snowmen terra cotta oots

Egg Carton Snowman

egg carton snowman

Glass Block Snowman

glass block snowman

Make A Snowman With Plastic Cups

make a snowman with plastic cups

Old Peck Basket Snowman

old peck basket snowman

Painted Wooden Clothespin Snowman Ornament

painted wooden clothespin snowman ornament

Pinecone Snowman

pinecone snowman

Recycled Lightbulb Snowman Craft

recycled lightbulb snowman craft

Snowman Centerpiece From Cotton And Styrofoam

snowman centerpiece from cotton and styrofoam

Snowman From Bed Pillow And A Santa Hat

snowman from bed pillow and a santa hat

Snowman From Sticks And Buttons

snowman from sticks and buttons

Snowman Hat For Kids

snowman hat for kids

Snowman Painted Wine Bottles

snowman painted wine bottles

Snowman T-shirt

snowman tshirt

Snowman Windchime Recycle Cans

snowman windchime recycle cans

Snowman Wreath From Picture Frames And Burlap Backing

snowman wreath from picture frames and burlap backing

Snowman Yarn Wrapped Foam Balls

snowman yarn wrapped foam balls

Snowmen Coffee Creamer Containers

snowmen coffee creamer containers

Terra Cotta Snowman Craft

terra cotta snowman craft

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

toilet paper roll snowman

Wooden Spool Snowman Ornament

wooden spool snowman ornament