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Make Your Own Game with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the different ways you can try to monetize a website or blog and run digital marketing, thanks to the fact that many companies now have their own affiliate programs. That is, if you thought that only the Google AdSense advertising platform made it easier for you to get some income on your blog, it’s about time you evolved those outdated ideas. This is tantamount to hoping you can make your own game in the world of work without considering a free course with certification.

Today, in addition to the sales of info products or digital products, there is also the possibility of designing an affiliate marketing strategy that will make it easier for us to obtain more income online. You can be a game maker of digital marketing with your style. It’s about having “your own game coding” on your way to run digital marketing.

Can each website be used to run this marketing method?

The idea that any website can make affiliation is wrong. This is tantamount to thinking that every game coding can be used in various situations. This marketing technique is according to its principle without risk because it is a model with the performance but not without investment. Before embarking on such a project, here are the key points to validate.

Affiliation on the Internet is a marketing technique that allows an advertiser (usually a web merchant but not only) to distribute its products on affiliated websites. These affiliates receive a commission for each action determined upstream (validated sale, completed form …) that will make the visitor on the site of the advertiser.

The economic model of affiliation is a performance model also called “win-win”. In other words, from the advertiser’s point of view, he only pays for the result. It is therefore a model at first glance within the reach of all companies with minimum risk and incomparable cost control. Nevertheless, that says without risk does not say without investment. In other words, it is not enough to have a website to be able to make the affiliation. You can’t make your own game with perfunctory preparation.

It is therefore important before embarking on the following 3 key points:

1 – Before considering including the affiliation in its online marketing strategy, you must ask yourself the following questions, they will be decisive in the approach of your project.

  •  What will I sell on the Internet? The conventional wisdom that everything can be sold on the Internet is wrong. All does not sell on the web.
  •  Am I already visible on the Internet? Do I have enough visitors? You have to know that to start the affiliation you have to have a site that generates enough traffic. An affiliate will not commit to promoting your program if they do not think they have a satisfactory return on their investment.
  •  What is my reputation on the Internet? The more positive your brand is, the more affiliates will follow you to promote your program. If you’re a game maker, you need to make sure you have to make sure you have become someone popular in the game world.
  •  What is my overall strategy on the Internet and what are the expected results in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year? Is it realistic?

2 – Another element, the remuneration model. It must be the one that corresponds to your industry or you will be out of step with your market. Indeed, different economic models differ according to the sector of activity to which you belong:

  •  If you are a distributor of say game development software, cost per click and cost per thousand models will be preferred.
  •  If you are in Banking / Finance / Insurance / Mutual, lead cost, cost per click and cost per thousand will apply.
  •  If you are a game creator (games, lottery, casino, video games, casual games, MMORPG,) the cost to the lead and the revenue share will be your models.
  •  If you are more in the B2B (employment, training, telephony,), the cost to the lead, the cost per click and the cost per thousand will agree.

3 – Finally, last elements to make your own game in running this marketing strategy: your goals. Creating an affiliate program must meet goals that match your activity on the Internet. Depending on your situation, they will be different.

As a merchant site, an affiliate program can meet the following objectives:

  •  Increase turnover,
  •  Acquire qualified addresses,
  •  Increase qualified traffic.

As a service site, your goals will be:

  •  To acquire qualified leads,
  •  Collect relevant paid entries,
  •  Increase qualified traffic.

Affiliation is therefore open to everyone if an objective analysis of your situation on the Internet is made and your objectives are clearly defined in advance. Keep in mind that the affiliation is based on the interest that affiliates will bring to your brand or products. Affiliates are your sales force. So how to motivate them? But that’s another story…In the end, you can make your own game with affiliate marketing!