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11 Tips That Will Help Get You a Beautiful Yard

A yard adds to the beauty of your house’s exterior. It is the first thing that people come across when entering your property. If you have the world’s most beautiful house with an ill-maintained garden, overall it will give a negative impact to your house. To add to the grace of your house, it is not necessary that you own a lavish yard you can simply own a smaller yard space and keep it well maintained. Some simple landscaping can improve the condition of your yard and elevate your home’s value and overall appearance.

Let’s go over some landscaping tips by landscape architects in Sydney:

  1. Focus on the Grass: The most basic and important thing that constitutes a yard in the grass. Truth be spoken that the green grass hardly draws any attention. So, you might think that paying attention to the yard grass is an unnecessary waste of resources. But that’s not true! The green grass doesn’t draw any attention but brown or yellow grass certainly does and it seems unpleasant. To maintain the greenery of the garden lawn cut and groom the grass ever two weeks while continue to water it regularly.
  2. Cutting method: Maintaining the grass is a crucial task. Special care needs to be taken while cutting like ensure that you cut only one-third of the grass in length. Collect these grass cuttings to decompose and use them as natural fertilizers later. The grass tips are full of nitrogen so they are decomposed easily and promote healthy growth in the soil.
  3. Blooming flowers: After the green grass the colourful flowers are the ones which bring grace to your yard. Plant some seasonal flowers and some evergreen flowers or herbs to maintain the liveliness of your garden. The landscape architect Sydney will help you in selecting the seasonal flowers available and best suited for your region. Simply put, they will help your yard to stand out. Be careful while placing the flowers as the proper placement will keep your yard ever blooming.
  4. Furnishing: Your yard should be maintained such that your heart would feel compassionate and your mind calm when you visit it. Once you feel this emotional attachment with your garden, you will need some furniture to accommodate you and even your guests in and around your yard. Add a table and a few chairs for evening tea or late morning breakfast. If you are an enthusiast you can set up a proper sofa with table. Swings, hammocks are some other furnishings that will complement your yard.
  5. Lighting: Lights have a major impact on any area. During the daytime, the grass and the flowers brighten up your yard but during the night do not let it stay dim. A good lighting around your walkway, doors, and porches has sufficient effect on the yard.
  6. Size doesn’t matter: If you are upset that you have a smaller yard it is nothing to worry about. There are endless options available for yards of all sizes. Use plants of varying height to create an illusion of larger space. Plant flower beds and shrubs near your doors.
  7. Clean up leaves: The plants in your garden will keep shedding leaves as they grow. You can happily ignore a leaf or two in the yard but if the pile is increasing you always have the option of compost pit rather than simply dumping them.
  8. Take care of the weeds: If you have a yard then you probably know how much trouble can weed cause. Get proper treatment done by landscape architect Sydney.
  9. Soil loosening: Loosening the soil now and then increases the aeration. This results in good growth of plants. It also helps in balancing the pH of soil.
  10. Mowing grass: If you are cutting the grass after a long time than mowing is your best option.
  11. Mulching: Mulching is the covering of topsoil with organic manure. This increases the solid fertility and quality.