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TOP Promotional Products 2019 are Wireless and IoT Products!

All businesses, small or big are spending a lot of money on marketing, but they overlook the benefits that promotional products have to offer. Branded promotional products leave a good impression on potential customers and nudge them to get engaged with your business. Promotional items help your business to reach to its potential clients. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

With corporate gifts, you can draw the attention of your customers and can make a long-lasting impact of your business on their mind. People keep in mind what they see, and when they see your brand name or logo frequently, they tend to remember you. A well thought promotional product can excite, entice and engage the customers yet it is overshadowed by new and flashy marketing options. A study has proved that promotional products create interest in your business in 69% of people and it also creates a good brand impression in 84% of the people. The stats are far better than print media, social media and other advertising options. A relevant and innovative promotional product can easily grab people’s attention and increase brand awareness.

Promotional products are also the best marketing strategy because they make people interact and engage with your business which can further drive awareness about your business and ultimately bring their loyalty. As people engage with your promotional products, they make a connection with your business which leaves an imprint in their mind. Promotional products are matchless in their ability to create numerous opportunities for brand awareness. Now that you know how significant promotional products are, you should put efforts in choosing the right one for your business and clients. Here are the top tips that will help you in selecting the right promotional products:

  1. Know your client base – Every business wants to have as many customers as possible but not all the businesses are suitable for everyone. You need to figure out what your client base is – do you have a large number of young clients or your business is targeting the senior citizens. According to that, you should decide what kind of promotional product they will like to have. You should also research and find out what kind of giveaways your competitors are offering to their clients. Then think of something that makes your business to stand out.
  2. Keep aside the budget – While determining the promotional budget, the most common practice that businesses follow is using five percent of the total revenue. But it also depends on the kind of business that you have. If you are a start-up with a limited budget, giving customized leather briefcases may not be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are a huge enterprise then gifting gold plated pens can also be good. The best part about the promo products is that they come in a variety and offer the choice of selection for every budget type.
  3. Branding – It’s important that you take full advantage of your promotional products and imprint your brand name and logo on them. By looking at your brand name and logo, people should know what your business is all about and what it has to offer them. Always make sure to repeat the same logos, colour schemes and even typeface so that customers can get familiar with your brand.
  4. Plan on distribution – There are plenty of ways to distribute your promotional products, but for certain products, some distribution plans work better than others. Products like calendar and magnets are lightweight so they can easily be mailed to the customers. Bulkier products that include clothing and tumblers need a tote bag which your customer can take home easily. Expensive and fragile items like watches, coffee mugs and wine glasses are best when given personally at a fundraising or company event.

Now that it’s clear how to select the right promotional products, its time when we look at the current trends in 2019. If you want to stand out, you need unusual promotional items, and IoT products are the hottest trend this year. If you want your business to success, you need to think beyond pens, notebook and stress ball. The most popular IoT promotional products of 2019 are:

  1. Key finder tags It can be a perfect promotional product for anyone. We all have lost or misplaced small things like keys and TV remotes. The key Finder is a small device that use short-range signals like Bluetooth to remind you if you are leaving something behind. There is a mobile app which guides you back to the object. These devices can beep, bleat, vibrate or chirp if you are missing anything behind.
  2. Custom Dash button – A dash button is usually a device which is connected to wi-fi and ensures that user doesn’t leave important household items ever like medical care, groceries, soft drinks, kids and pets. This can be a unique and impressive promotional product for any business.
  3. Doorbell cam – Doorbell cam allows you to answer your door from any remote location. It checks the motion at the door and keeps the house owner updated about the same. Doorbell cam is one of the best promotional products for your customer due to its high usefulness and relevancy.
  4. Smart light switch – Smart light switch allow the user to manage the home lights from the wall or mobile phone. This smart light switch can be connected to a Wi-Fi network to give wireless access to our lights. Anyone who will receive a smart light switch will like using it undoubtedly.

    IoT devices are getting popular these days, and they are now being used as a promotional product. IoT devices are meant to make our day to day lives easy and simple; therefore when a business chooses IoT products as their promotional products, they get amazing response from recipients. This technology is going to be the future of humankind, and by giving them away to your customers, you earn their loyalty.