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How To Select The Perfect Romantic Artwork For Your Environment

In stressful times, we often look to ways to minimize anxiety by creating a restful and peaceful personal space and environment.  Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we all have spending more than the usual amount of time indoors, and isolated from our usual activities of going outdoors into nature, or being with friends — driving our need to create the perfect personal space to counter this lack of engagement.

Romantic artwork has long been associated with increased positive mental health and well-being.  Purchasing a romantic artwork or beautiful landscape art piece is an excellent way of improving the beauty of your personal space, and creating a peaceful and positive environment to enjoy and decompress in.

People often wonder what criteria should they use when selecting an original art piece, or a custom gallery print.  Much like in selecting a jewelry piece, there are certainly guidelines you can keep in mind.

Color and Mood

The color and mood of a painting will literally transform a space from “blah” to “wow!”.  Even the simplest of spaces will be completely transformed with the addition of a new painting.  If you are looking for a restful ambience in your room, look for more muted or quiet colors and subject matter.  If you are looking for style and drama and vibrancy, look for paintings that have bold and saturated color and more lively subject matter.  The colors and “mood” of a painting will actually change your entire space based on your selection.

Vibrant romantic artwork can enliven and inspire any environment, from a traditional home space to a small, eclectic hideaway…

Style and Content

The style of a painting also lends to the mood, as does the content.  If you are looking for a more romantic space, look toward artworks that are more traditional in their style, such as modern impressionist paintings, or classic realism.

If you are looking for a more eclectic space, choose a contemporary style that would reflect that space, but an artwork that you can still feel a deep connection with.  After all, art is about connecting with the viewer, and sparking a feeling or a memory, and about inspiring a mood.

As for content, what inspires you?  Is it a majestic sunset? A forest scene with a quiet little brook running through it? Perhaps the change of seasons, or an exotic beach somewhere — the content is limitless.  Choose an artwork that will be timeless — meaning, it should do more than just match your couch — you want this artwork to mean something to you, to inspire that feeling of well-being when you are in personal space.

Romantic artwork can inspire deep, pleasant and hopeful feelings in turbulent times, and who wouldn’t want to feel happy and hopeful when relaxing in their personal space?


Size matters — at least with artwork.  You want to make sure the artwork you select is size-appropriate for your space.  An artwork that is too big or too small, even by just a little bit — can be disconcerting for the viewer.  Empty walls or a painting that’s just too large for the space can provoke anxiety rather than well being, so it’s best to choose a size that’s perfect for the space you are looking to improve…

And with that problem, there is always a solution. People say, “How can I know exactly if it will fit my space?”

Enter AR — or Augmented Reality.

In my own online Gallery — I offer an Augmented Reality tool that allows you to select your artwork, custom size and frame it, and visualize that exact artwork right into the space you are looking to install it into.  This feature allows you to see exactly what your painting will look like, and make adjustments to size and frame selections so that the painting is perfect for you, and there are no unpleasant surprises or guesswork involved!

Frame Style

Frame style is another big consideration when purchasing an artwork.  Some people don’t mind ornate framing in their modern space, or vice versa — don’t mind simple, modern framing in their ornate, Victorian space — but some do — and having a framed painting that sticks out obtrusively in your personal environment is not conducive to a restful or inviting space.

Again, Augmented Reality allows you to “try on” different frames for your selected artwork, and then visualize that exact piece onto your own wall space.  It’s like trying on clothes — and knowing whether a certain look will work for you or not — and not worrying about when the piece arrives, how will it actually look?  Again, no unpleasant surprises or guesswork!

So, to sum it all up…

Buying an romantic artwork — whether an original artwork or a custom Gallery print created just for you — can be an excellent way of improving your mental well-being and overall mood for your personal space.  But, just like choosing a new piece of jewelry, there are certain guidelines or factors you should take into consideration to make sure your buying experience and artwork selection and purchase are the perfect and peaceful experience and outcome you are striving for!

Color, mood, style and content, size, and frame style are all factors to be considered when selecting your new art.  Original artwork will not be “tailored” to a space (unless commissioned and specifically created for you) but custom Gallery prints can be ordered and created to your exact specifications, to fit your taste, décor, and most importantly, your budget!

Selecting a romantic artwork should be a process that’s enjoyable and results in an artwork piece that gives you many years of enjoyment.  You can be sure the artwork is the perfect one you are envisioning by taking advantage of new features such as Augmented Reality (“AR”) to insure that the artwork you customize and purchase is exactly the perfect art piece you are hoping to install into your personal environment.

Now you can feel empowered to purchase that perfect romantic artwork piece to create the perfect environment!