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Why the Future is Bright for LED Signs


Businesses that want to popularize their brands with creative and unique advertising are turning to LED signs for advertisement. In turn, this has lead to an increase in their popularity which has further kicked traditional neon signs down the pecking order. If you walk down the street today, you will see all types of LED signs on display, whether it is a simple sign for open or “we are closed” sign. So is it a good advertising medium to use for promoting your business? The answer is a resounding YES. In this article, we tell you why the future is brighter for LED signs than traditional neon signs. Read on to learn more.

Less Tendency to Break

One drawback of neon was that they were highly prone to breakage as a result of the fragile neon tubes of which they were made. LED displays, by contrast, are steady and are impressively resistant to impacts. This makes them a much better option for your outdoor signage and advertising applications. Also, this greater durability means they are unaffected by even the harshest elements and can work equally well in inclement weather.


Reduced Cost

Don’t be fooled by the initial high cost of installing LED signs to think that they are the more expensive option. Since they require almost no maintenance and consume far less electricity, many businesses find them cost-effective even if they are operating on shoe-string budgets. Also, you can reprogram LED signs to display the most current messages. The same cannot be said of neon signs, which have only the option of displaying their original message and can only be replaced instead of being changed.

Environmentally Friendly

When you opt for neon signs, you know that you have to periodically recharge the gases that enable it to produce light. This will be at your cost and, therefore, adds to the maintenance costs of these signs. Also, these gases aren’t good for the environment. On the other hand, LED lights are environmentally-friendly and won’t require any meaningful maintenance. They look their best year in year out.


LED signs are easier to maintain because of the individual and sturdy bulbs. You don’t have to deal with too hot to handle elements. You can clean LED signs whether they are on or off, and all you need is a damp cloth. For neon signs, they must be switched off and allowed to cool before you attempt any cleaning. LEDs eliminate unnecessary worry because they are sturdy and safe.

Also, LED signs cost nothing in terms of maintenance. These signs will ultimately lose their neon or argon gas that’s found in the glass tubes. When this happens, you have to take it to a professional to refill it or buy new signage altogether. Although neon signs are durable, over the years, their brightness will reduce further and further. On the other hand, LED bulbs will more or less retain their brightness and they are also less sensitive to weather elements. Your sign for open display will shine brighter and brighter as years pass by with no maintenance at all.


On average, LED signs give you more than 100,000 hours of usage, which equals to more than 11 straight years of bright and clear advertising. Neon signs, in comparison, average 30,000 hours, and during their lifespan, their strengths will also fade considerably. Whereas traditional neon signs rely on fragile glass tubing, LED bulbs are strong to the touch. Also, they are waterproof and not as prone to weather damage as neon signs.

It’s common to see partially burnt-out signs of business displays that make them look shabby and tired. In the case of LED bulbs, you can easily replace these signs and avoid it undermining your business. You don’t have to replace LED signs immediately to preserve the image of your company, but with neon signs failing to change it can lead to reputational damage.


Green Light Innovations produces custom-made neon signs that emit less heat, which means you are not under any risk of being burned. Neon signs heat up and can cause considerable danger to users. Also, there is a risk of shock hazards. Additionally, LED signs are more durable, so the glass won’t become a health risk even if it breaks.

Faster to Install

Because of the flexibility of LEDs and their lighter weight, installing them is much easier and faster compared to their neon counterparts. Although LED equipment costs a premium, this is offset by longevity and labor savings. Traditional neon signs are made of heavy components that make them riskier to move around due to their bulkiness. Also, they are more difficult and time-consuming to install. With technology, the price of LEDs has come down which explains why they seem to be everywhere these days.

Energy Savings

With LEDs, you can get up to 70% in energy cost savings. Traditional glass tubes-based neon signs run hotter, which consumes more energy. Glass neon uses 15k voltage as opposed to only 24V that LED lighting consumes.


Because they consume low energy and last longer, the LED signs are an eco-friendlier form of signage. Also, LED bulbs are becoming increasingly recyclable. Unwanted or expired neon signage is characterized as a poisonous waste. LEDs don’t have any glass tubes, gases, or mercury problems.


For any business that seeks to cut costs and still get attractive and creatively-designed signage, LED signs are the way to go. It reduces your advertising budget without compromising on visibility, versatility, and quality of signage. Upon comparing the benefits and features of LEDs as we have explained above, you will find that the benefits of LED signs, both in the short and long-term, shine through.

And when you choose a good sign company, you can be sure to get a clear and professionally-designed sign for open that’s highly appealing and create a sharp impact in your customers’ minds. LED signs don’t need any convincing that they are highly effective for footfall advertising.

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