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(Wo)Man’s Best Friend: A Brief Guide to Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Are you trying to figure out the best way to keep your furry family member free from pain without resorting to harsh medications?

The good news is that there are many options available to you. With over 42 million dog-loving families in the country, medical innovations happen all the time. Finding natural pain relief for dogs is no longer a struggle.

Listed down below are the top ways to give your pup pain relief that’ll get him running around again in no time!

Regulating Weight

Sometimes the most natural pain relief for dogs at home is to keep their weight under control. You might adore the look of your plump pup but that excess weight is causing more damage to his bones and joints.

By maintaining a healthier weight, you’re providing natural pain relief while also preventing future problems. Your dog will have no trouble moving around when he no longer needs to carry around that extra weight!

Fish Oil

One of the best joint pain relievers is to supplement more omega-3 fatty acids into your dog’s diet. The easiest way to do this is by giving him some fish oil since this amazing oil contains high levels of this joint-protecting nutrient.

Add it to your dog’s food and he’ll soon feel the benefits.


CBD has taken over the human world but did you know that CBD is also beneficial for dogs? It’s one of the best ways to administer natural pain relief for dogs with cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

There are many products of CBD out there, but always make sure you get products specifically made for dogs. Human CBD might cause illness in your pup and do more harm than good.

Always make sure to learn more about the tinctures and other products you plan to use!

Applying Ice or Heat

When the pain sets in, knowing how to comfort a dog in pain is an invaluable skill. The most effective way to provide pain relief is to apply either ice or heat to the affected area.

Ice is good for times when your dog has a temporary injury. This reduces swelling and keeps the pain under control. Never apply ice for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Heat is the better option if your dog has chronic pain since the warmth soothes the area and provides comfort. Apply the heat for 20 minutes to give pain relief without causing any extra damage to the area.

This is a great way to keep your dog content while he recovers from a wide variety of different ailments.

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs Keeps the Whole Family Happy and Healthy

One of the best things about natural pain relief for dogs is that you’ll feel reassured that your dog is getting the right treatment. No harsh chemicals or medications with strange side effects.

Instead, give your pup natural remedies that achieve similar results and are easier on his system!

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