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7 Common Concerns about Hair Transplant Surgery

When you’re considering hair transplant surgery, it’s normal to have a number of questions about the procedure and the recovery process. This article will address some of the most common concerns that patients have in the run-up to their procedure.

Answers to Common Concerns about Hair Transplant Surgery

Is the procedure safe?

Complications are possible with any type of surgical procedure. In terms of a hair transplant, side effects are minimal but may include scarring and infection if the scalp is not cared for correctly. To minimise the risk of complications, it helps to take the time to find a surgeon that specialises in hair transplants and can provide you with proof of their successful results. Not just any surgeon can perform hair transplants – find a clinic that specialises in the procedure such as New Hair Clinic Sydney.

Will the hair transplant be overly painful?

Since a local anaesthetic is used, pain will be minimal to non-existent. The only time that you may experience some mild discomfort is during the recovery process but your doctor will prescribe pain medication for this.

How much downtime should I plan for?

Hair transplants are day procedures, so you will be able to go home directly after surgery. While you will be able to return to work in two to three days, it is always better if you can take a week off work to give your scalp enough time to heal. Scabbing and crusting is possible after the surgery, which means you may not be feeling completely comfortable returning to work and attending social events a few days after your procedure.

Will I be left with scars after my hair transplant?

Scarring can be minimised with the help of the right surgeon and even more so if you select the FUE hair transplant method. The FUE method involves removing individual hair follicles instead of an entire strip of hair. You can expect to see a few red pinpricks on your scalp after your FUE hair transplant but these disappear within a few days.

Does the hair transplant have any long-term side effects?

Provided your procedure was performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, there will be no long-term side effects after your hair transplant.

Will my results be permanent?

The results of your hair transplant will be permanent but it’s important to remember that you will still experience natural hair loss as you continue to age. As you age, your transplanted hair will start to thin along with your other hair, which is when a second procedure can be considered.

How long before my transplanted hair will start to grow?

You will not see results immediately after your procedure because the transplanted follicles still need to settle. In fact, your newly transplanted hair will fall out, which is completely natural. Once the transplanted hair sheds, you can expect to see new growth about three months after your surgery. However, some patients may need to wait up to a year before they will have a fuller, thicker head of hair again.