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7 Fashion and Styling Tips for the Winter Days

Changing from a summer wardrobe to winter clothes doesn’t have to mean giving up style and color. With a few tips from the world’s most fashionable women, anyone can look well-groomed and put together on winter’s darkest, chilliest days. For example, fashionistas are not afraid to mix bright pieces with somber cold-weather clothes. They recommend alternating coats and wearing long sleeves under lighter pieces. It is important to carry a collection of beauty supplies. A-listers also layer pieces, wear boots that add style, and use accessories to dress-up clothes.

1. Add Bright Pieces to a Dark Winter Wardrobe

While it’s true that winter clothes often include primarily dark colors, there is no rule that says you can’t include light, bright pieces. Consider wearing a pastel or red coat. Multi-hued maxi dresses are ideal for cold weather and easy to find at sites Feel free to add a denim jacket or bolero sweater shrug over a dress with a floral or geometric print.

2. Invest in More Than One Coat

Winters can feel like they last forever if you use the same outerwear for months. Break up the monotony by hanging coats and jackets to match the weather and your mood. Harper’s Bazaar fashion writers suggest investing in different styles of outerwear. Buy a cute parka or mac for slightly warmer days, and every woman should own a chic wool coat that complements dressier pieces. A warm, fuzzy jacket in a favorite color can also perk up dark days.

3. ‘Tis the Season for Layering

Get good at layering. It will keep you warm and is a great way to create a personal look. Stylecaster experts suggest multiple layers for frigid temperatures. For example, consider wearing a turtleneck under a sweater, then adding a jacket and wearing a coat over that.

4. Carry a Bag for Beauty Supplies

Cold weather wreaks havoc on the hair and skin, so it is important to carry a large, trendy bag to hold beauty supplies. That makes it easy to freshen up before work or a social event.

5. Boots Add Style to Cold Weather Outfits

Every winter wardrobe should include several pairs of boots. They are always in vogue, often make it easier to walk on slippery surfaces, and can be worn with warm socks. Buy them in different styles to ensure you have comfortable, cozy footwear for every occasion.

6. Wear Sleeves Under Lighter Pieces

Freezing weather doesn’t always mean packing away lighter clothes. Hold on to dresses, tops, and vests that can be worn with long-sleeved shirts. Adding a shirt to a sleeveless dress, for instance, will give it a whole new look and create a fashion statement.

7. Invest in Colorful Scarves

The weather isn’t always freezing in winter, so take advantage of that fact by exchanging heavy woolen scarves for colorful silk scarves on warmer days. It’ll add spice to your look and brighten up clothing.

It is essential to wear warm clothing during cold weather, but it does not have to lack style. Well-dressed women recommend layering pieces, adding colorful accessories, and always having beauty essentials at hand for quick repairs. Stay on trend by pairing bright colors with darker ones, wearing a variety of coats, and choosing chic boots as footwear.