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How to Take Care of Your Dog in Winters

Winters are a tough season for all of us and taking care of your dog is another challenge. Dogs are the most playful pet and keeping them indoors is not th only solution.

Keeping your dog groomed and healthy is a struggle, you will look for the guides written for choosing the best product such as have written the best dog hair clippers and the best nail cutter, and I don’t mind saying that its your dog’s right.

I have seen dogs getting sad when you would not let them ply outside, they are just like a pestering kid.

I know, this is a painful thing, but you have to keep him indoors until the sun shines, especially if you are living in a severely cold area. Your dog’s immune system is stronger than you, so you ought to be a bit lenient here.

Just like you, your dog will also love snow and long winter walks. According to vets you need to take some preventive measures before winters, so that during the harsh season your pet must remain healthy.Just for the information french bulldog life expectancy depends on the care he gets.

Here are some tips which are tried and tested on various dog pets, you can follow them, but consulting your vet is a prerequisite. You can also read guide on choosing a dog fence.

Use paw pads

Buy some thick paw pads for your dog, especially if you are living in some northern areas. after every long winter walk, which is a must you should clean your dog toes with a brush. Buy any silicon bristles brush for giving a smooth clean to your dog’s toe.

Another thing which I strongly recommend is looking for holes in the paw pads, usually dogs, even after wearing paw pads get bruises. Which is because of the deicing salt.

Dogs are allergic to deicing salt, thus you must make sure that you have checked it’s toes right after a long walk.

While you are on a walk with your dog, do not worry if it eats some ice, dogs are immune to ice, however while chunking ice, they may get a stone which can be harmful.

Antifreeze is hazardous

If you have got this chemical on your lawn’s ice, then do not let you dog have it. Dog’s love to lick ice in winters especially if it has got some strange odor.

Antifreeze is fatal for your pets, as it is highly toxic. If in case your dog has licked some of it then immediately call the vet, otherwise its condition will worsen.

Heaters are dangerous for dogs

If you tend to use a heater for keeping your place warm, then make sure that your dog and your babies are not around.

You can turn it on when your dog is sleeping. Once your room is warm, turn it off and let your pet play there. If you are not following this advice then, it is very likely that your god may burn its tail.

Feed carefully

In winters you will observe a lethargic attitude of your dog. This must not be ignored. You ought to feed your dog according to its need.

Make sure that your favorite pet is consuming as much food as required, a layer of fat will not be a beneficial thing for it.

Keep your dog hydrated in winters

You are supposed to make it drink water thrice a day. This is essential otherwise, your dog’s growth and immunity will be affected.

Similarly, moisturizing your dog is also very important in winters. You can use coconut oil as a multipurpose moisturizer, it is rich in vitamin E and your dogs’ fur will remain as healthy as it was in summers. In winter’s if you will not moisturize your dog, his fur and hairs will get dry and ultimately it will end up in thinning.

Your dog needs a cozy bed in winters

Just like you, your dog will also love a warm bed to sleep. While making its bed make sure that it is covered with warm sheets.

Your dog’s bed has to be above the ground level. Otherwise the cold concrete or ceramic tiles will not let him stay warm. Thus, while purchasing a dog cot or bed, makes sure that it is spacious and above the ground.

Walk scheduling for your dog

You must make sur that when you take out your dog for a walk, the sun is shining brightly, evening walks are not suitable for your pets in winters. So, try to make time in the mornings or skip the walks and try some indoor games.