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Tricks to Restore The Lost Data From Unrecognized External Hard Drive

External hard drives are portable storage systems which are useful as a backup system for the files and data. It can be attached externally to a computer system through a USB port or wireless connection. Generally, the external hard drive has a high storage capacity to store all kinds of data and files on it. Due to this reason, an external hard drive is quite valuable for the user.

However, in many situations, the hard drive may not be recognized by the computer. This happens when there is any physical damage that occurred to the hard drive. It can also develop due to a malware attack or wear and tear of the hard dish due to prolonged usage. However, in such cases, you might lose out on your valuable data and files stored in the hard drive.

When the computer fails to detect the presence of a hard drive, then you might not be able to see anything on the system. The drive might not even be visible on the computer or the disk management tool. In such cases, you can still retrieve your valuable data by following a few necessary steps, which are:

Manual Way to Recover the Files

The manual way is also another approach to save your critical data and files stored in the hard drive. Here, first, you need to determine the issue with the hard drive by testing it with a computer system. If still the problem persists and you aren’t able to access your hard drive, then you do the following steps:

  • Unplug the USB port and plug-in again into the system’s port
  • Got to the Start option
  • Click on the “My Computer” option on the computer system. After this, you will come across a new window displaying all the list of the drives connected or present within the system.
  • Browse towards the Map Network Drive tab available on the top left corner of the window. Click the option “Continue” to proceed to a new menu.
  • Click on the “Drive” button on the top corner of the new window and select the drive that isn’t in use. Specify the drive that is not being recognized by the computer and click “OK” to proceed.
  • Finally, click on the “Finish” button present to close the window.
  • Follow this by restarting the computer to check whether the external drive is visible and accessible or not.

This manual approach will help you to deal with the inaccessibility of the USB port. But if the problem persists, then you might have to call for professional help to recover the files.

Use Good Data Recovery Software to Restore the Files from Your External Hard Drive

There are many kinds of data recovery apps and software available in the market for retrieving information from hard drives. The data recovery software like salvagedata provides a deep scan to find the hard drive along with the lost files very minutely. Use the one which has positive user reviews for being a strong and powerful tool in restoring the lost data.
Choose wisely the appropriate one to retrieve your files and data from the unrecognized hard drive. However, to choose the suitable one, first, you need to detect the exact cause of the problem within your system.
Not always, you would be able to fix such problems independently. Hence in such cases, when you aren’t much prepared to deal with these problems, refer to a professional service. Few leading tech companies provide high-end data recovery services within affordable rates to their customers. Such companies help you to retrieve your lost data successfully.

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