Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Why Personalized Jewelry Makes The Best Gift For The Holidays

Finding the right gift for the holiday season is no easy feat. When it comes to holiday gifting you want to make a choice that’ll make their day. We say start off simple with jewelry personalized with important anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or births. You can select a bar necklace or bracelet and engrave it with their kid’s name, an important anniversary, their college or high school graduation, or their birthdate. 

Custom engravings can make a gift feel even more thoughtful and sentimental. No one will be disappointed to receive such a considerate gift. Personalizing a piece with specific details from the person’s life will always be a sure to please surprise. There are tons of different options out there for engraved gifts. Whether it’s a custom robe, mug, ring, or necklace everyone loves a piece that feels personal. Celebrate the milestones they reached this year or give them inspiration for their future accomplishments. 

When you’re looking for the right gift it’s important to think about their personal style too. Think about whether they actually wear jewelry. Are they open to jewelry or generally avoid it? Do they like jewelry but just haven’t found the right piece? A holiday gift is a great opportunity to give them a piece to wear always. Personalized necklaces will please anyone from your mom to your sister in law to your picky sister. 

If you want something more subtle a lot of companies create jewelry with special engravings on the inside. You can include an inside joke, pet name, or special date inside without letting anyone else see your message. Whenever the gift’s receiver takes off their piece they will see your note or message. 

You can also keep it more subtle by picking a personalized gift that includes the wearers first initial, favorite color, or last initial. A single letter necklace is a cute way to feature their initial without being over the top. You can also gift someone a ring or bracelet with their birth gemstone embedded in it. Every person has a birthstone and they are a subtle way to include a personal touch without being corny. 

For men you can still purchase personalized jewelry. A pair of classy cuff links engraved with their initials is a super elegant gift they can wear to work or to impress a date. A family crest signet ring also makes a great gift for men who like chunky masculine jewelry. If jewelry isn’t their thing then go for personalized monogrammed towels, a set of mugs, or a leather bag for traveling. Nothing will make them feel more appreciated than a personal gift. 

The way your gift is packaged also makes a big difference. Your gift being packaged perfectly will impress even the pickiest person. You’ll also want to pick a company that sends every gift in a perfect package without having to pay for gift wrapping. That precious feeling of unwrapping a pristinely wrapped gift and not wanting to mess up the wrapping is one of the best things about the holidays. That’s how we want our loved one’s to feel when they open their gifts.

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