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Utah Travel Tips: Best Travel Destinations in Utah

Utah has all the right to be proud of their state. Blessed with a lot of land wonders, there’s no reason to skip this on your next trip to the Western side of the United States of America.

You probably know Utah best for its red rock formation, which is very visible even from afar. And because of that, we’ve come up with a travel guide circled around the best national parks and monuments in this state along with towns and cities that you must explore.

But before the list, we highly suggest bringing only the best carry-on luggage you can take since there will be a lot of trekking during this trip. You wouldn’t want to be carrying a full pack suitcase and end up being tired even before the trip begins.

Now, if you have that one ready, here are the travel destinations you must list on your notebook the next time you come running around Utah:

Arches National Park

That famous red arch circulating around the internet with the sunset as its glorious background can be found at the Arches National Park.

It has over 2,000 stone arches sprawled across the park, so you have plenty of options for that Instagrammable shots you’re aiming for. And if you’re wondering where does this spectacle come from? Erosion, deposition, and natural geological events are the main culprits.

Hiking this area is fairly easy, but you have to take extra caution when walking around the edges and the narrow trails. That’s because the desert plants in the area are fragile.

Let’s try to care for them as much as possible since we’re only visiting, and they have lived there all their lives.

Zion National Park

The most famous one on the list is Zion National Park. The indescribable beauty of this creation is unmatched. You can never see another one like this no matter how far you go on this planet.

Some may come close, but it still isn’t the Zion National Park, so it’s still a different view and experience.

A trip to Utah is incomplete without hiking in this area. Since you’re already here, you might as well ride the experience and be in awe of how incredible the rock formations are and how the changing colors of the sky add to the charm of the whole place.

Your adrenaline-junkie self will thank you for taking this trip, especially if you decide to go canyoneering and climbing.

The monoliths and the high plateaus are enough to make your heart jump a little and a lot, and that’s saying it lightly. There’s a wading river that you can visit for a cool down, especially during the dry and hot season.

And just like the Arches National Park, you should also be careful of desert plants in the area.

Monument Valley

Just when you thought the first two are the only places in Utah where you can see a scarlet land formation, wait till you see the Monument Valley.

This massive red-sand desert at the Arizona-Utah border is popular for hiking, jeeping, and horse riding activities. If you haven’t tried any of those three, now is the time to do so, and the Monument Valley is the perfect place for that.

Hire a local guide to accompany you during the adventure so as to stay safe during the entire trip.

In case you haven’t noticed, this area is also an iconic landmark among western films like The Space Odyssey and the Easy Rider.

Salt Lake City

Being the city capital of Utah, Salt Lake City surely has a wide range of scenic spots that you can go to during your visit.

It’s safe to say that you can never run out of things to do once you’re in this city, as you can go from different cultural and hiking attractions. It’s that one city in the world where you can hike different trails every waking day of your stay here, assuming you’re only staying in Utah for a week or a little more than that.

After all that hiking, you can dedicate a day exploring museums, trying out new restaurants, and fulfilling shopping experiences. You are one lucky traveler to experience all that while having all the ski mountains and trails as your background.

Park City

This mountain town offers the best skiing and snowboarding in the state of Utah, and probably in the entire country.

When you are traveling with a big group or with your family, you must never skip the historic Main Street, where you can see the cultural side of Utah. Museums and ghost tours are available on this side of town.

You can also do a lot of mountain biking around Park City. There are trails that are specially made for this kind of activity, which you would probably regret if you don’t experience it.

As for your shopping needs, you can always go to Outlets Park City if you want to treat yourself on some branded goodies.