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Mexico’s Secret Treasures: Cancun Parks are Just the Beginning

The hidden pearls that make Mexico one of the most beautiful countries on earth. If you have admired the sunset off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, visited Cancun Parks, sailed around Los Cabos or snorkeled in Cozumel, then bravo! You have seen fantastic things in Mexico.

But do not stop there. You have barely discovered half the pearls hidden in this marvelous country. With some of the deepest canyons, the highest mountains in the world, crystal-clear lakes, Mexico can boast of being one of the most beautiful countries on the earth and one of the most beautiful travel destinations. And here’s why there is more to see than Cancun Parks.

Barrancas del Cobre

In southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico, the Barrancas del Cobre are a kind of American Grand Canyon. Also known as Copper Canyon due to the coppery hue of its walls, Barrancas del Cobre covers 59,545 km² and is actually longer and deeper than the Arizona Grand Canyon. Its impressive walls hide legends, traditions and many surprises.

You will be able to discover there the community rarámuri or tarahumara. These Aboriginal peoples have lived in the canyon for centuries and have preserved their ancestral way of life. The Barrancas del Cobre is the place of choice for all lovers of hiking, biking and eco-tourism in general.

Cancun Parks

Do not miss this beautiful place! Go straight to the caves … all I can say is that it was breathtaking. We swam through the caves, which is a fairly long swim, they have lifeguards posted along the way to help you if you need to. Lots of photo opportunities and once we finished the cave, we had lunch in one of the restaurants on the beach and then found hammocks and lounge chairs in front of a spectacular view of the coast and took a nap in chatting quietly. Once we had our nap, we went back through the different areas and saw some beautiful parrots and other small creatures in the park. Everyone was polite and friendly and we would like to do it again!

Tamul Waterfalls

30 km north of Aquismon, near Ciudad Valles, in the south-east of Mexico, lies the impressive Tamul waterfall. This famous waterfall can reach 100 meters high, and flows into the lagoon that offers us with its turquoise water paradise of a hallucinatory purity.

You can enjoy this beautiful, colorful setting while relaxing to the sound of the water or, for the more adventurous, go down the rapids rafting or kayaking. Guaranteed sensations!


Bacalar is a city located on the southeastern coast of Mexico, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Only a few steps away from the very famous Tulum beach in Yucatán, Bacalar is an even more magical and less frequented place.

Also known as “Seven Colors Lake” because of its seven shades of blue that change with sunlight: the color of the water changes from turquoise blue to emerald green or sky blue to electric blue depending on the depth or the time of the day. On this lake, you can indulge in kayaking, sunbathing and even give yourself a natural mud bath offered by limestone sediments.

Cañón del Sumidero

The Cañón del Sumidero is one of the natural wonders of Chiapas in southern Mexico, bordering Guatemala. The walls of this canyon, narrow and deep, reach heights close to 500 meters. In their natural habitat, we find badgers, monkeys, herons, crocodiles and turtles that roam freely. For the more adventurous and curious, it is possible to sail, by motorized canoe, about 13 km to the hydroelectric dam of Chicoasén, one of the largest electricity suppliers of all Mexico.

Pico de Orizaba

Yes, in full visit, one rushes to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mexico. But think again, Mexico is not only sand and beaches. It’s even one of the best destinations in the world for mountaineering.

At a height of 5675 meters, the peak of Orizaba is the highest point of Mexico. This still active volcano is positioned as the third highest peak in North America. Its ascent is not very difficult and offers in panorama breathtaking landscapes. Perfect for a successful trip to Mexico.

Mineral de Pozos

Small anecdote: Mexico has been a major producer of silver in the world. Today, it is quite possible to visit one of the most important, albeit now abandoned, mining towns.

In the state of Guanajuato, is Mineral de Pozos. You will not find much action in this ghost town, but it is a little back in the past with its old buildings and old buildings.

Cuzama’s Cenotes

If you have stayed in Cancun or along the Riviera Maya, you have probably already seen a cenote. This natural limestone chasm contains a series of underground rivers filled with crystalline waters.

Yucatán peninsula in Mexico is known for its cenotes, but the most spectacular remains in Cuzama near Merida. Not too well known, the cenote Cuzama is attended only by the most curious and therefore ensures a quiet swim.