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5 Office Décor Ideas to Boost Employee Productivity

The work environment has a huge impact on your staff’s productivity and job satisfaction. The appearance of your workplace attracts not only customers but also positive energy for your employees.

A great and comfortable working place is beneficial for employees. If the working environment is dull and lifeless, they’re likely to feel lethargic, but a well-furnished and professional-looking workplace can encourage your employees to be more productive.

To improve the ambiance of your workplace and bring out the best of your employees, follow these decor ideas:

1.Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting
Lighting affects the mood of the people in the room. It’ll make your employees either active or sleepy throughout the day. Here’s what you can do:

  • If your office has glass walls, use natural lighting as much as possible. Natural lighting is more effective than fluorescent bulb lighting in making employees alert, happy, and productive.
  • Keep your windows unobstructed to let natural light come in and spread throughout the room during daytime.
  • If natural light is not accessible, use artificial lighting that is similar to natural lighting.
  • Ensure that work areas are properly lit. Studies show that very bright light causes eyestrain and headaches whereas low light makes your staff sleepy and creates a depressing atmosphere.

2.Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture
Furniture can also have an impact on your employees’ productivity. Here are some tips:

  • If you have outdated furniture, change them to colorful or modern furniture. Dull colors can make your employees unmotivated, so opt for a lively color that will decrease stress and increase enthusiasm.
  • Allocate an informal space in your office with fun furniture pieces where your employees can relax and gather to increase social interaction.
  • Use ergonomic chairs and appropriate work tables for your staff to make them comfortable during work hours.
  • A chair that can be reclined will help prevent lower back pain, especially when work requires long hours of sitting.
  • You may also provide chair pillows that your employees can use for their bum or lower back for added comfort and support.
  • Provide ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads with wrist rests to minimize muscle strain.
  • If others prefer standing desks, have it available. It helps them avoid neck strain and leg and back pains brought about by sitting for long periods.
  • Even small details such as stylish trash receptacles for commercial spaces can enhance the overall look of your office. Choose ones that go with your furniture.

3.Stress-Free Space

Stress-Free Space
Everyone needs space. Not having an area to move around is suffocating, which adds up to the stress at work. Here are some ideas to create a stress-free work environment:

  • Create a pantry for meals and coffee breaks.
  • Make a zen room where employees can do meditation or have some quiet time.
  • Incorporate an in-house library where they can enjoy a book.
  • An entertainment room can help your employees relax and release stress.
  • Declutter the workplace by having a separate storage area for your files, office supplies, etc., because mess can add up to stress.

4.Natural Ornaments

Natural Ornaments
While natural lighting helps your employees be energetic, bringing in nature lifts their mood, increases their job satisfaction, and boosts their productivity. Here are some natural ornaments you can bring in to your office:

  • For your hallway or entryway, line up small potted trees such as areca palms, ficus trees, or other small fruit trees that can act as natural air humidifiers.
  • Decorate tables with flowers, cacti, bamboo plant, or heartleaf philodendron, which are best for limited space.
  • High light pants can be placed near windows or glass walls, such as the yellow butterfly plant, Christmas palm, or fern trees.
  • If your office has minimal natural light, you can add low-light plants such as dracaena and sanseveria; these can also serve as partitions in working areas to eliminate the need of walls that block light and airflow.

5.Uplifting Arts

Uplifting Arts
According to psychology, pieces of art in the workplace can boost productivity, encourage innovative thinking, and lessen the stress of your employees. Here are various art concepts you can add to your office:

  • Classic paintings on the wall can add a classic vibe to your modern office.
  • Put up a photo gallery of your team’s accomplishments to continually remind them that their efforts are recognized.
  • Motivational posters along the entertainment room walls or lounge area can be a source of inspiration during tough times.
  • Also, allowing your employees to personalize their office desks can create a feeling of belongingness.


The success of your company lies in the productivity of your employees, so it is essential to give attention to your workplace’s design. Boost their innovation and productivity with carefully-thought-out decors. Invest in your workplace to boost your employees’ performance.