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5 Tips for Locating Singapore Liquor Stores

In recent years, the number of liquor stores in Singapore has increased exponentially. With many available options for where to purchase alcoholic beverages, a consumer can easily get confused as there are several factors that one should consider when going out for a drink. These factors include the price of the alcohol, customer service and location of the store. In order to have an enjoyable drinking experience, it is crucial that one goes to a good liquor store rather than just any store on their way home or work. This article will cover 5 tips for finding the best Singapore liquor stores.

1) Consider your budget

It is important to consider your budget before going out looking for a new bar or wine shop. There are many liquor stores out there, but not all of them are affordable. Most liquor shops in Singapore cost between $8-10 for 500ml beer and around the same price for a glass of wine. It is also advisable to purchase alcohol at places where they provide customer service; these types of bars usually charge more than non-customer service shops, but offer other benefits such as free nuts or peanuts with your alcoholic beverage purchase.

2) Customer Service

A good way to find an excellent Singapore Liquor store is by looking up reviews online or asking for recommendations from friends that have recently purchased their alcohol from a bar or wine shop. One can look up local Singapore forums on Carousell, Hardwarezone and Reddit where past customers who have recently bought alcohol at a bar or wine shop will post their experiences. There is no better way to find a good Singapore liquor store than word of mouth from people who have recently been there.

3) Decide if you want a cubicle

If one wants a quieter environment rather than being surrounded with many people, it might be a good idea to go for an area that has private cubicles where the bartender provides service. These types of bars usually charge more for their drinks as they provide customer service by bringing the alcohol directly to your table and also provide food if asked, but most customers agree that this type of drinking experience is definitely worth the extra cost.

4) Location

If one lives near a lot of shopping malls or nightlife hubs, there are high chances that these places have a good number of Singapore liquor stores. Some areas with many bars and wine shops include Holland Village, People’s Park Complex and Boat Quay. It is best to go somewhere that one has been before as a lot of new bars pop up daily. One can look up locations on Google Maps or find recommendations from friends who have recently been at the location to know what type of experience they had.

5) Availability

In today’s digital age, it is not difficult to find information about any particular business online. If you do not mind going out by yourself, one could simply download an app such as Waze which will direct you to wherever you need to go. There are also other apps such as Grab, which will only bring you to the nearest liquor store along your route. For those who do not like driving or are too busy to go out by themselves, they can ask their friends or significant others to help them find a good liquor shop.

The above are 5 tips for finding good Singapore Liquor Stores when you crave for alcohol but cannot afford buying overpriced drinks at nightclubs or bars with expensive cover charges. If you follow these steps, you will definitely be able to find yourself an affordable place to get your favorite drink whether it is beer, wine or anything else.

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