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Tips and Guide to Make your Garden Clean

Growing plants that do not require abundant watering is a trendy concept today. Although this style of gardening is often promoted as being easy to take care of plants, it nevertheless also needs working from time to time in the garden. In the fall, both the leaves of the trees and the other foliage must be removed for the garden to remain clean and tidy. Fortunately, cleaning up the yard is relatively easy with the powerful backpack blower. In this article, I’m going to tell you some tips and guidelines to make your garden clean. Let’s start……

  • When the days are getting cooler in the late summer. Cut off all regrown branches, dry branches and remove in those places where you planned to clean. By eliminating all unnecessary, you favor the flowering process next year, and you will not cling to the old branches in your yard. A serious pruning of plants will reduce the work you need to do in the winter. Be careful not to prune the fruitful shrubs and trees until you harvest them.
  • If your garden is difficult to clean (due to garden sculptures, or bushes), you can lay burlap or other fabric on the ground to provide space for the first fallen leaves.
  • At the corners of the fabric, you can attach small weights, so that the wind does not blow them away. Every few days, collect the leaves with a scoop. You can lay the cloth on the ground for as long as necessary.
  • This method is perfect for trees that bear fruit that you do not use for food. Put a tarp under the tree so that fruits and berries can be easily removed and not wait for the moment when this mess will be impossible to remove.
  • To cut plants and trees, you will need sharp scissors, a delimbing machine, and manual scissors. If you are cutting a plant that is larger than 3 centimeters in diameter, you will also need an electric saw. For cleaning up your garden from leaves, you need powerful backpack blower.
  • You need to know when to trim the plants. While many plants should be pruned during dormancy (late winter), some plants, such as hydrangeas, bloom in the fall and should be pruned in late summer. You must follow all the recommendations indicated on the label when you buy plants.
  • Remove any dry branches or leaves that are on the main trunk or stem, as they will no longer bloom anyway. Removing them, allow the plant to flourish again and continue to grow. Also, remove all diseased branches and weak branches that are unsuitable for subsequent growth. Cut the tree from the bottom up. When you remove healthy branches to shape the plant, remove it so that the plant can continue to grow. Never cut the tip.
  • Newly minted gardeners often prune the plant from top to bottom to give it the shape it had before it grew. However, this may lead to an undesirable growth of some branches and a completely wrong new plant formation in the next few years. Instead, cut the plant from the bottom, and after removing the branches, give the desired shape.

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