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What Does a Close Protection Officer do?

For all kinds of reasons people from different backgrounds may feel unsafe and at risk. With reduced police numbers over the last few years and an increasingly overworked judicial system, there has been a rise in some forms of crime. It’s not unsurprising therefore that more of us are feeling at risk of crime.  Perhaps reflecting this has been the growing demand for close protection officers.

What is a close protection officer?

Close Protection Officers provide personal, one-to-one protection for individuals and their families from known and perceived risks. They keep their clients safe from unwanted attention, physical harm, and other types of crime. They are highly trained professionals, usually with a background in the armed forces, the police or other security related profession. 

They can operate as an individual ‘bodyguard’ or as a member of a team and offer a flexible, discreet and tailored service that matches the particular requirements of their client. They are resourceful and adaptable individuals trained to assess risk, spot threats, and respond accordingly.

When someone hires a close protection officer, they are securing for themselves and their loved ones the ultimate in personal security, giving them peace of mind and improved quality of life.

What does a close protection officer do?

Close Protection Officers provide world class, around-the-clock care ensuring that their clients can conduct their daily routine and professional duties with the minimal amount of disruption and a maximum level of safety. They are often used in conjunction with a variety of other security measures.

They offer:

  • Personal Protection – an officer will be attached to an individual or a group of people. These might be prominent people such as a CEO, celebrity, politicians, or anyone who is in the public eye. Individuals whose jobs require them to make difficult decisions can often find themselves on the end of unwanted attention. Close Protection Officers provide personal protection against such incidents.
  • Property Protection – Close Protection Officers can provide extra security to property including workplaces and homes, or other specific locations. They can be sites that are occupied or vacant. They can provide a visible deterrent style protection, or a more discreet one.
  • Asset Protection – Close Protection Officers can provide extra protection for individual assets. These might be high value items, culturally significant objects for exhibitions or auctions, or personal property with a significant value that’s publicly known.
  • Short-term protection – Close Protection Officers are often visible during high-profile conferences. They can provide short term protection for exhibitions, tours, and large-scale public events. They can also provide security coverage for clients and their families when they go on holiday, make visits or host small informal events. This short-term protection ensures that people stay secure at events and during periods of time when they may be especially vulnerable. In return, it gives the client the freedom to enjoy or fully contribute to an event without fear for their own personal safety.
  • Long-term protection – extended protection can provide you with security for a longer period of time. It could be for a young person completing a university course, or for the length of time that a client lives in a specific location or works at a particular location.
  • Ongoing coverage – if you undertake regular professional and personal tasks that place you at an increased security risk, Close Protection Officers can provide ongoing security. They will understand the specific risks you face, your routine and individual circumstances. They can advise about particular risk points, suggest alterations to your routine and accompany you throughout your day. Their job will be to understand your security in the round, suggest ways it can be improved and ensure that your own safety and that of your family is secure.

What sort of people might hire a Close Protection Officer?

The range of individuals and organisations that hire Close Protection Officers is vast and growing. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and all have different security circumstances. The client lists of top security teams include CEOs, politicians, diplomats, religious leaders, celebrities and members of the royal family and their entourage. People with substantial wealth but not in the public eye are also regular clients as increasingly these people and their families are targeted by criminals.

With social media making people in the public eye more accessible and visible, there has been a huge increase in the number of people receiving threats to themselves, their family, and their staff. With the police and other authorities struggling to keep up with this changing climate, close protection and other security options offer the reassurance that people need in order to live their lives without fear.

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