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What’s So Special About Breguet Watches?

If you are looking for a timepiece that is multi-functional hence elegant to fulfill all of your needs then a Breguet must be an ideal choice. As the brand has been manufacturing high-quality and unique timepieces for 200 years. With a long-lasting history in reinventing aesthetic codes to always manufacturer a timepiece that is, in fact, robust in the material and at the same time magnificent enough to reflect a luxurious look.

Have you ever wondered, what makes Breguet so special or why it is this much popular? The short answer to this question is the innovative technology and modernistic designs of its watches that are manufactured to even beat Rolex and Omega at the same or less price point.

Abraham Louis was the man behind of Breguet and was the reason to make the brand stand where it is standing today. He is famous for his master watchmaking skills and creative mind tricks. He was also honored for making one of the most complicated automatic version of wristwatch known as Marie Antoinette.

If you are looking to buy a vintage aesthetic timeless design, then you must give it a shot and try it. Once you wear a Breguet over your wrist, you’ll feel that you are wearing something valuable and precious.

Innovative Designs

The main factor to get this timepiece in your inventory is the innovative wristwatches. In fact, brands have a tradition in innovations and always manufacture something that is prior to all other devices.

One of the brand’s great inventions is Silicon based timepiece. The innovative spirit of the brand always gets higher and silicon-based watches are just an example of this. Breguet somehow managed to design a timepiece with Si. It means that the timepiece reflects antimagnetic features but at the same time also features robustness and almost scratch proof. Classique 5837 is one of the few models manufactured by using silicon.

Type XXll with frequency 10 Hz is embedded with silicon-based technicalities fixed in this timepiece.

Genius Watchmakers

Everything manufacture at the Breguet is from the hands of master watchmakers. It means you are getting everything in a detailed and optimal version. The man who made the Breguet famous is Abraham Louis who started his journey to make the world’s most complicated automatic timepeice form a little workshop and using low equipment. But the passion for making watches was in his heart this was the reason he managed to accomplish his goals and introduced the world with a super-awesome watch with mind-boggling features.

Breguet knows all aspects of manufacturing luxury watches and always introduce a better version. Everything made at Breguet is detailed by hands and uniquely designed. In fact, the brand relies on in-home manufacturing and that’s why it always provides something more precise.

The watches manufactured at Breguet is passed through different series of stages before entering to the watch box. If somehow these watches would talk, we can expect an interesting story.

Traditional Touch

Each timepeice manufactured at Breguet has a traditional touch of rich heritage and optimal quality. It can be seen in the traditional edition of the brand. Tradition is a series of watches that reflect the brand’s early struggle in making unique timepieces and designing watch tools. The traditional designs are reinvented in a distinctive and modern manner by maintaining a traditional classical look.

The traditional essence of elegant watches is embedded in these watches. The unmistakable and remarkable pieces are designed in such a way that looks fascinating and robust at the same time.

Various Varieties

Breguet watches are designed to withstand intense lifestyle and worst environmental conditions. The brand’s collection is filled with numerous different watches, each watch is innovatively designed with futuristic technology.

The brand’s collection includes watches suits for every lifestyle, whether it is to dive deep into the ocean or fly high in the sky, Breguet always provides something optimal and robust. Compared to other watch brand’s Breguet provide same and more technical features in even an attractive price point. That’s the reason why this timepeice series is so much popular and has this much selling rate.

So, Don’t hesitate if you are going to buy a Breguet timepeice, just buy it .. Tell us in the comment which timepeice you like the most.

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