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Wigs are being embraced globally more than ever as they are an ideal way to switch up styles, conceal your hair as it is experiencing damage, suffer hair loss, or take a break from your hair when you need to. The demand for wigs is at an all-time high with more women wanting to own at least one wig for their use. The wig industry is a billion-dollar industry and with that kind of demand there is no surprise there are thousands of sellers globally.

We have seen viral videos of undetectable wigs and a lot of women want one. If you are a first time buyer or someone who has not had the best experience purchasing wigs it can be challenging figuring out where to buy a wig and that will be seamless, natural, and undetectable. With a huge supply of wig sellers, unfortunately, there is a high risk of purchasing a low quality wig. These risks include ;

  • Short lifespan. 
  • An unpleasant experience will put you off purchasing another wig.
  • Waste of your hard-earned money.
  • A low-quality wig can potentially cause scalp irritation, wig thinning, or that can cause faster damage.
  • A wig is supposed to compliment you: a bad wig will do the opposite.


Traditionally, people have been used to physically going to a store to purchase their wigs, however, this is 2021, everything is available online. You no longer have to go into a physical store. We recommend purchasing online for 3 main reasons

  • The internet will give you access to the best wig sellers globally at great prices and 
  • You get to find the perfect wig for you from the color, style, or length 
  • You can see other women rocking the wig you want which will influence your decision. 

Before shopping for wigs online it is crucial to ensure finding a great vendor by doing your research. When you are equipped with the right information chances are you will make a better decision.

With the continuous advancement in the hair industry, you do not have to go to a salon to fix your wig, tasks like how to put lace front wig on can be done by yourself at home. As mentioned before, most people, even men, know what a great wig should look like. Before we will provide simple tips on finding where to buy your wig online.


Visual representations of where you get your wig are very important for an online shopper. A great wig vendor should have at the very least a well-detailed website that has pictures, videos, illustrations, and vast details about the wigs they sell. As you go through the website you should feel excited and congenial trusting them to have the perfect wig for you. Take a look at the Luvmehair website. Our transparency shows our credibility and trustworthiness for all our clients. Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.


Reviews are the best way to weed out bad wig sellers. A review can let you know if the product and services promised is what will be delivered to you. Yes, it is known that some can create fake reviews, so it is recommended to go for sellers who have a lot of reviews. Previous buyers who are happy with their purchase are a great indicator and assurance of slightly trusting the vendor. At Luvmehair we have over 14,000 reviews including pictures of gorgeous women rocking our Luvmehair. We additionally have real time feedback from Instagram and YouTube to help potential customers see our wigs on other women who have loved our wig and tagged us. 


For a beginner in the wig world, it can be overwhelming when you have no idea what you are buying or what you need when buying a wig. What makes a great wig seller is not just their ability to sell wigs, but their passion for wigs through providing extensive information on wig care such as how to put lace front wig on to the potential and existing customers. Luvmehair has a community club, website tutorials, and blogs to help and guide and make you more confident in their wig journey.


The most crucial element you want is a high-quality wig. A great wig will serve its purpose as needed without worrying. There are a few details to look out for when online shopping for a wig.

  • Variety

The seller can provide a wide range of ready-to-wear wigs. The wigs should come in different lengths, textures, densities, and colors in order to cater to a huge clientele.

  • Lace

Lace is one of the most popular base materials when it comes to wig construction. Lace is a great material as it is light, soft and will give the illusion that the wig is your hair. A well manufactured lace wig will match your preferences when finding the perfect wig. So why Luvmehair if you need a lace wig? Luvmehair specializes in providing a wide variety of excellent human hair lace wigs. This includes undetectable lace, 4×4 lace wig, front lace wig, headband wig, 5x 5 lace wig, and lace closure frontal to ensure to match the specific needs of our different customers. We know lace wigs are great for quality and style and we have made it easy on how to put lace front wig on for our clients.

  • Longevity

A seller should have a great wig that has a long lifespan. At Luvmehair our wigs have a long lifespan of over 1 year and you get to enjoy shiny,  lustrous hair throughout the year.

Purchasing your wig online should be a pleasant experience, you should have access to the seller who should be willing to guide you throughout the process of buying a nice wig. At Luvmehair we want all our new, old, and potential clients to have a fantastic and pampering online shopping experience as they get to purchase one of our beautiful quality wigs.