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8 Go-To Staples That Should Be In Every Guy’s Closet!

While the fashion keeps on changing and the style has been shifted to the modern side, the characteristics of a dapper man remain classic. Of course, style is all about being subjective, and It is often touted as one’s expression of who you are, there are some basic guidelines of staple clothes that revolves around the men’s closet.

However, incorporating these staples doesn’t mean you have to shell out bucks. Then, how will you look handsome?

If you want to look on-point that too without spending much, below is the list of some closet basics that would work for every man:

T-Shirt With Chinos:

A t-shirt with the Chinos is the most effortless combination of sharp yet low-key pieces that are ideal for holidaymakers. Pick a polo t-shirt with sleeves or a Ronald Reagan t-shirt with sleeves that end at mid-bicep and offer comfort would look super-stylish.

Make sure you select the shirt with hem to end at the waist you can check here: to find your perfect one.
Furthermore, the chinos should be straight cut and slim with slightly rolled up to give a feel of the mantle. Complete the look with the pair of loafers and hit the roads.

A Tailored Suit In Grey Or Black:

Every guy should have a basic suit to compliment his body. While modern suits have slim cuts, the ’80s and ’90s suits are more sloppy and would give woeful feels.

Stick for basic colors, black, and grey, to get the most out of your suit. Be it weddings, funeral or a formal date, this classic piece can be worn in a number of different ways.

Blazer With Tee And Jeans:

Do you know what smart-casual actually look like? Comfortable, put-together and basic classics would be a guaranteed style win for every occasion from a date night to the client meeting.

To wear this statement look, grab a classic well-fitted tee, a slim-fitting pair of jeans and a single-breasted blazer. Complete the look with a leather belt with the pair of boots, and you are all set to grab attention.

Oxford Look:

Bring some preppy-inspired pairing of white button-down shirt and denim to side step head-to-toe tailoring. Nailing the effortless and simple look, this look is all about the contrasts and details.

Look for a blue-tinted white shirt, a dark colored blazer and light-colored denim would do the job.
You can also pic any colored blazer, just make sure it coordinates well with the look. Also, keep in mind that the shirt and jeans would be slim cut with a minimum break to maintain the sophistication.

Cashmere Sweater And Shirt:

If wearing cashmere sweater sounds like breaking a bank, think over! The classic pieces today are more affordable, accessible and also look masculine.

Besides, they are super soft, warm and look classic. Whether you are heading for holidays or you are going to meet your girlfriend or going simply for lunch with friends, this can be your go-to piece.

Look for bold, classic colors like dark red, navy, brown and black and avoid patterns, if you want to keep it forever.

Leather Jackets:

The most iconic combination that can bring an edge to every style is a leather jacket. To stay on the classic side, grab a pair of black leather jacket and pair it with light colored, slim-fitted jeans and


Rock the night-out look by completing this look with high boots or sneakers. For a lightweight look, switch to the biker look with a sleek bomber jacket.

Pea Coat And Jumper:

Practical, classic and masculine, the nautical-inspired solid jumpers are ideal for winters. Style them with the heavy knit and nail the maritime look.

Pick the coat in classic colors like white, burgundy, and grey or opt for the flecked style to bring that rugged charm. Further, complete the look with the boots and cap, and you are all set to hit winters.

Bomber Jacket:

Lighter than the pea coats, bomber jackets can go with every outfit. Bring it in the spring or fall season and wear an oversized shirt underneath it to complete the look. The simple and stylish bomber jacket will offer both style and versatility.

So, if you want to save yourself from falling in the rut of repeating the same look, consider the above combinations and look stylish!