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8 Makeup Tips for Green-Eyed Women

Women are always confused about their look and makeup. Eyes are an essential feature of women’s body. Almost every women desire to have beautiful colored and bigger eyes. If you have green glowing eyes, then you are one of the few lucky women.

No doubt, green-colored eyes have their own captivating beauty, but using perfect shades will make them pop up. Perfect makeup is all about complementing your features.

Your eye size does not determine your beauty; it all depends upon your makeup techniques. You can add to the beauty of colored eyes, and you do not know how to enhance their attractiveness, then you are at right place. Makeup Artist in London has stated different tricks and tips for green-eyed women.

Choose Appropriate Eyeshades

Women mostly face difficulty while deciding between bold and light colors. You no longer have to worry about shades. We will give you a complete guide about what colors compliment green eyes.

Apply a little shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes. This tactic usually works. In order to make your eyes look slightly more prominent, use a shimmer or white eye pencil on the inner corners of your eyes. Try to use neutral and nude eyeshades for your everyday go-to look. Use purple eyeliner to add to the beauty and color of your eyes.

Avoid color with bluish shades.

Learn tactics for using a green shade. Do not apply any greenish tint that is lighter than your eyes. If you are going for a night out, then there is nothing wrong with going for green smokey eye makeup. Cat-eye smokey eyes look best on women that have green eyes. Apply darker shades like black or brown on the outer corner of eyes and lighter shades like champagne, green, gold sparkly colors in the inner corners and middle. If you are still a beginner with makeup, then consider taking help of YouTube.

Warm copper and dark grey-green look are also popular among women.

Tips for Applying Eyeliner

If you do not want to be extra, then apply purple eyeliner on your eyes, and you are good to go. Colored mascara also looks very elegant on green-eyed women. Charcoal or grey eyeliner can also be used. But try to avoid black eyeliner. A dark or jet black eyeliner is not the best choice for green-eyed women. But if you are really into dark eyeliners, then you can pair black mascara with brown eyeliner.

There is no harm in applying eyeliner on the upper lid. Women either ignore this step entirely or load their lid with thick liner coating. It is true that eyeliner completes your look but never cover your entire lid with eyeliner. Else your eyes will look smaller. Try to go for a natural look. Instead of going for 90’s tacky thick wing eyeliner look, apply a little eyeliner on the lid to enhance your eyes.

Apply eyeliner on the outer two-third, instead of going in too deep in the inner corners. You can use stamp eyeliners for creating a smooth wing-liner look.


Do not forget to apply mascara. Colored mascara can do wonders for green-eyed women. Do not wear the same colored mascara and eyeliner at the same time. There is a rule of thumb for you if you have small eyelashes. Move the wand of your mascara in to and fro, while applying it, to give more volume to your eyelashes.

If you are going for a bold look, then do not forget to wear false lashes. They add something special to your glam look. If you do not know how to apply lashes, then you can use magnetic eyelashes. They act as a framework for your eyes and give you that cutify look and style.

Rules for Your Waterline

Most college and school girls love applying kajal or black eyeliners in their water lines. Well, to be honest, it looks nothing but gaudy. If you have small eyes, then you must use white or light-colored eyeliners to make them look larger. It will give brightness to your eyes.

But if the small size of eyes is not a problem for you, then you can fill your waterline with black or dark-colored eyeliner. But do not go too deep into the inner corners.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Do not leave your eyebrows untouched. Perfectly shaped and lifted eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes. If you do not want a dull and boring look, then do not forget this step.

Do not Forget Your Lower Lash Line

Most girls forget their lower lash line after a smokey eye look. Well, if you want a perfect look, then you do not want to do that. Apply darker colors on the lower lash line. This will bring the green color of your eyes forward. Focus on the outer two-third of eyes.

Use Multiple Colors

Most women with colored eyes hesitate to experiment with different colors.
But experimentation is the key to creating unique and pretty looks. Instead of sticking with one or two shades, use multiple shades.

Apply darker colors on the outer side and shimmery light colors on the lid. Do not forget your inner corners. Cut crease look is also very elegant and decent. If you are not expert with brushes, then you can get this look by apply tape near the outer corners.

Other Things That Must be Kept in Mind

When it comes to lipsticks, you can not go for any color you want. Mostly peach colors look perfect on green-eyed women for an everyday look. Use a color that fits with your eye color and skin complexion.

Moreover, another significant step that you should keep in mind is to prime your eyes. No matter what eye color you have or what eye look you are going to apply, it will be a disaster if you haven’t primed your eyes.

We hope that our tips and tricks for green-eyed women have helped you a lot. We have given you different ideas about your makeup routines. Try to keep them in mind if you want to enhance the captivating beauty of green eyes.