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How to buy the best solar panels for your home

The cost of Ireland solar panels has significantly reduced in recent times. Currently, the pricing of solar panels depends on several factors, as explained here. When selecting your best solar panel, use other crucial factors aside from the price tags. Don’t rely on price alone when making your decision. The following are the few steps you need to keep in mind to get a solar panel that will serve you better and for a long. 

The solar panel types

There are two key types of solar panels: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. The one you will choose will affect the overall appearance of your system. It will affect the cost, electricity amount produced, and the space covered by the system.

Monocrystalline panels have a darker tint to the cells. They are more efficient options, meaning more electrical energy with fewer panels. They take less space, but they are the most expensive option. 

Polycrystalline panels have a bluer tint. They are less efficient than their counterparts. You will need more of them to produce more electricity, but they are the cheapest option. 

Panel color

You can choose your solar panels based on the frame color and backsheet. A solar panel has several silicon cells placed on the backsheet. The backsheet shows via the cell gaps and creates a grid-type design. Some manufacturers produce a backsheet instead of a typical white panel. 

The metal frames are either silver or black. The black frame panels are more aesthetically appealing but expensive. Both the silver and the black frame panels should perform identically. 

The panel sizes

Solar panels come in two main sizes: 72 cells and 60 cells. The number represents the cells present on a solar panel. Solar panels with 72 cells are longer than the panels with 60 cells. A large panel is better for large and wide-open areas. You can use it in areas like ground mount and commercial roof systems. The 60 cell panels are suitable for tighter places like your home roof. The 72 cell panels are cheaper. They provide more electrical energy than their counterparts. 

Panel production: efficiency and output rating

The panel’s efficiency and panels output rating will affect the power production. The output rating is the three-digit number you see on the panel’s name. It represents the total number of electricity watts the panel will generate under normal conditions. Most panels are between 250 and 400 watts, but a few are above the 400 mark. The higher the wattage, the higher the price of the panel. 

You also need to consider the efficiency. It’s the electricity percentage produced from the energy received from the sun. 


An essential warranty of the overall panel quality is significant from manufacturers. Most high-quality panels range between 25 to 30 years warrant. Some continue working even after the expiry of the warranty. You need to buy a solar panel that will stand the test of time. The longer the panel stays, the more money you save. 

Manufacturers offer two warranties: product and performance warranty. A performance warranty assures the panel will produce a certain amount of power despite degradation. The production warranty protects the panel from workmanship or material issues. 

Overall quality

To get quality panels, check for panel guarantees and manufacturer reputation. You also need to check customer reviews and technical specifications. The technological specification includes temperature coefficient, panel efficiency, and power tolerance. 


The process of selecting the best solar panel is overwhelming. You need to determine the combination of the output rating, efficiency, and panel size, among other considerations. The above guideline will save you the tiresome hustle involved in the process.  

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