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How to Pick the Right Solar Attic Fan?

With the growing adoption of solar energy in homes, you might be interested in getting a solar attic fan for your home. However, with so many choices available on the market, it can be difficult for some people to choose the right solar attic fan. 

Well, if you’re having a hard time picking the right solar attic fan, then you’re at the right place because we will be providing you with a guide on how to pick the right solar attic fan. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

Type of Solar Attic Fan

The first thing to consider is the type of solar attic fan you want. Generally, there are two different types of solar attic fans which are roof mounted and gable mounted fans

As the name suggests, a roof-mounted solar attic fan requires a vent in the roof for it to be installed and the installation process is usually more complex. The good thing about roof-mounted solar attic fans is that they are usually more efficient and powerful.

As for gable-mounted solar attic fans, they are usually easier to install because all you need is to attach the fan to the gable and plug it in. However, due to how it is positioned, it is not as efficient as roof-mounted solar attic fans. 

How to Choose the Right Solar Attic Fan?


Solar attic fans aren’t exactly the cheapest appliances so it is important that you are getting the best quality for the price you’re paying. Also, using high-quality and durable materials for your solar attic fan provides you with a good level of safety and it can also last for a long time. 

Bear in mind that your solar attic fan will need to withstand different types of weather throughout the year, so it is crucial that it has a high-quality and durable construction. The reliable solar attic fans are usually constructed with high-quality steel and metal and it should also include a quality animal screen to prevent unwanted invasion through the vent by rodents, birds and insects. 

Fan Size

The fan size of your solar attic fan is an important consideration because if it’s too big, then it will not fit and if it’s too small, it won’t cool down your attic effectively. The cubic foot of air per minute (CFM) of an attic fan is the key to identifying what fan size is right for your attic. 

The general rule to find out the minimum CFM your attic needs is to multiply the square feet of your home by 0.7. We use the square feet of your home as an example because most attics have about the same footage as the home. 

Once you’ve identified the approximate minimum CFM needed for your attic, you can look for solar attic fans with the right motor and fan speed to cool down your attic area. You should keep in mind that the larger the fan size, the more expensive it will be and it will also consume more solar energy. 

Ease of Installation

How easy it is to install a solar attic fan will depend on the type of solar attic fan that you opt for. Ideally, the solar attic fan you choose can be installed within hours and without the help of an electrician. But if you’re inexperienced, we would suggest you hire a professional electrician to install the wiring and the fan for you. 

You should be careful not to damage any structural components of your roof when installing the solar attic fan because it will compromise the integrity of your roof and it can be extremely dangerous. If you are not absolutely sure about any part of the installation, make sure you read the instructions carefully and ask for help from a professional if needed. 


When picking a solar attic fan, it is preferable if it comes with a manufacturer or dealer warranty. This is to ensure that if anything were to happen to your fan, you can get it replaced without paying anything. 

Normally, well-known manufacturers guarantee their quality by offering a warranty so the unit is protected against defects. After the installation of your solar attic fan, you may check with the contractor to make sure that it’s registered for the warranty. 


By considering the things mentioned above, you will be able to pick the right solar attic fan with ease. There are some other factors to consider as well when it comes to picking the right solar attic fan, but the key factors are the ones mentioned above.