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4 Reasons You Should Have Your Commercial Fire Alarms Tested

When you are running a business, keeping it safe from fire hazards should be the last thing on your mind. Due to that exact reason, you should not only have fire alarms installed in your building, but you should also get them checked from time to time. These alarms are not only important to keep your employees safe in the condition of a fire, but they inform the relative authorities in time in case a fire breaks out so that you suffer less structural damage. Furthermore, here are 4 reasons why getting your fire alarm tested is beneficial for you.

Prevent Any Accidents

The main benefit of installing a fire alarm is to ensure that there are no causalities in case of a fire. If your fire alarm is not properly maintained, it won’t properly operate when a fire breaks out. When you regularly test and maintain your fire alarm, you can trust it to work, and you get the peace of mind that no lives will be put at danger.

It Helps to Meet Insurance Requirements

Most insurance companies won’t pay for the fire damages if you don’t have any proof that your fire alarm system was constantly checked and maintained. So, to make sure that you don’t have to suffer any financial loss in case of a fire breakout, you should get your alarm systems regularly check. When buying an alarm system, you should also ensure that they provide some sort of guarantee. For example, the people over at JEM Security provide at least one year of guarantee on all products.

Local Laws Require Regular Inspection

You should take a look at your state’s and areas local laws when it comes to fire alarms. Most states require business and home owners to get their fire alarms regularly checked. If your alarm system is properly maintained, you would have a better case and prevent any legal issues. Putting proper measures for emergencies plays a significant role to allow everyone to exit safely.

Stop Nuisance Alarms

Sometimes if an alarm is not regularly checked, it can malfunction and go off unexpectedly. To make sure that you don’t waste the Fire Department’s time and resources, you should have your fire system properly checked and maintained. If your fire alarm goes off without any fire breakout, you may even be fined by the state.

It Can Save You Money

Last but not least, having your fire system regularly inspected saves you money in the long run. Many insurance providers provide discounts if you show them proof that you get your fire system annually checked. It will also save you money in case a fire breaks out, and you have to purse a legal case.

Also, if a business’s fire alarm doesn’t go off in the case of a fire accident, you can be prone to a lot of lawsuits from the state and the employees who suffer injuries. So, it is in your best interest to get your fire alarm system inspected at least annually.